Conservatives Push Back Against Liberal Protests With Rallies Of Their Own

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A man sits on shoulders during a Donald Trump rally (left), Donald Trump hugs the American flag (right).

Liberals are well-known for their violent reactions when they don’t get their way. After destroying private property and damaging every cop car in sight while calling it a “protest,” they like to retreat to their safe spaces and color pictures of flowers and snowmen while crying and looking at Barack Obama posters. Now, conservatives have decided to fight back, and you’re going to love it!

Conservatives are finally tired of being called the bigots, racists, and fascists while rioting leftists destroy the country, so they are pushing back with rallies of their own. Calling the rallies the “Spirit of America,” President Donald Trump’s supporters plan to come together to “Make America Great Again.”

The first wave of these rallies will take place in Atlanta on Monday and are meant as a counter protest to the violent liberal protests that have popped up since the election. For Georgians interested, the event will take place at noon at the Liberty Plaza, across the street from the statehouse. However, this won’t be the first rally. It will follow an event on Saturday at the Okefenokee Fairgrounds in southeast Georgia.

The all-American rallies will be organized by Georgia tea party member Debbie Dooley. She will be helping to organize the “Spirit of America” events across the nation, which she said are open to anyone who supports President Trump and his efforts to “bring back manufacturing jobs to America, put the security of our nation ahead of political correctness” and other staples of the president’s campaign promises.

In a note to supporters, Dooley implored demonstrators not to bring negative signs and to keep the tone “positive, patriotic, and uplifting.” Violence will not be tolerated like it is at liberal events as all participants should be peaceful and kind, according to notes to those interested.

Choosing to forego violence is the one common thread conservatives have continued to display. Even when Obama threatened to remove gun rights from law-abiding citizens with the stroke of his pen, conservatives remained calm. The same cannot be said for liberals, who literally lost their minds when Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Protests accomplish very little in the world of politics unless they are peaceful. Just look at what over one million marching women, some even dressed disgustingly as vaginas, were able to accomplish back in January — absolutely nothing. The media likely won’t report on the “Spirit of America” events either since they won’t be hateful or include the destruction of property or mass littering, but it’s about time conservatives boldly show that peace and a positive message can conquer the hate from the left.