Cop Asks Homeless Man One Question, Then He Saw What Was At His Feet

Cop Asks Homeless Man One Question, Then He Saw What Was At His Feet
Glenn Kline (left), Cleveland police on the scene (right)

A homeless man, hanging out by the entrance of a Cleveland apartment building, was a bother to residents who were warm inside residences. Cops in the city were soon called to come out and remove this man from the premises, when one officer stopped first to question him about something that nobody else before him bothered to ask.

Officer Jose Sadalua was with a group of other cops that freezing cold day, when temperatures had dropped to around 15 degrees. They found the source of the residents’ complaints, 57-year-old Glenn Kline, who was minding his own business outside the building. The homeless man wasn’t even begging anyone for anything, other than an occasion drift of warm air that seeped out from the front door, but that was apparently a problem for them.

The cops woke Kline up, who had fallen asleep by the time they arrived, but Sadalua sensed something about him that was of a different concern than what they had received complaints about. According to Fox 8, the first thing the officers did was ask him how they could help, rather than arresting him. The vagrant didn’t even have time to respond, before Sadulua noticed his feet.

Concerned for his immediate comfort, the kindhearted cop noticed that Kline’s feet were freezing from lack of adequate footwear, especially for living out in the brutal elements. In that second, Sadalua took his own shoes off his feet and dressed the homeless man in them. Appreciative for the good guy in blue, for whom Kline said he has “great respect,” he told the news station that the shoes fit well, and he was very grateful for Sadalua’s selflessness.

Cop Asks Homeless Man One Question, Then He Saw What Was At His Feet
Kline getting warm with the officer’s shoes on his feet

The officer didn’t want word getting out about his good deed, since that’s not why he did what he did. He chose to give the shoes off his own feet out of genuine concern for another human when she saw a need and a way to fix it. When he went home to get a new pair of shoes to finish his shift, the other officers with him that day began to spread praise for the 17-year veteran of the force for his thoughtful act.

Had any of the people inside that building taken the time they used to complain about the homeless man and ask how they could help him instead, they could have solved what the real problem was that day, which wasn’t him napping by the door. Bravo to this incredible cop for going above and beyond the call of duty, exposing his own feet to the cold, so that Kline could be comfortable.

h/t: [OpposingViews]