Cop’s Parking Lot Pic Goes Viral After Some See What’s In It On Closer Look

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Cop's Parking Lot Pic Goes Viral After Some See What's In It On Closer Look
Greenwood, MO Police Officer (left), Part of the picture the department posted which went viral (right)

A photo snapped by a Missouri police officer recently went viral after the officer posted it on the department’s social media page without much thought. When other people in town saw it, they were sick at what they saw on closer look and shared it in shock. Now, the cops are paying the price for it.

The brave men and women of the Greenwood Police Department didn’t realize what they were doing by sharing a simple parking lot picture of their patrol cars until incensed people in town began drowning the post in hate. The response was so negative that the post has since been ripped off the Internet, which speaks volumes to what Barack Obama has done to the perception of law enforcement heroes during his destructive time in office.

White patrol cars are vertically lined up in a vacant lot, and cars also lined up horizontally across the top with an armored humvee at the top. They intentionally parked the vehicles in the formation of a Christian cross for the photo captioned, “Blessed Are The Peace Makers, Greenwood Police,” and, “In God We Trust,” Opposing Views reported. The reactions to this moving sentiment didn’t go as planned when incensed liberals in town saw the powerful image, and they seemed to outnumber those who thought it was a wonderful message.

Cop's Parking Lot Pic Goes Viral After Some See What's In It On Closer Look
Greenwood Police Department’s photo

The first comments trickled in and didn’t seem too bad, the worst being a backhanded compliment, or so it seems: “Dear Greenwood Police Department, I have been very critical of you in the past and will be in the future, but this picture is so awesome thank you. This is what I went over there for. Thank you,” one comment said. Then the liberal brigade decimated the post.

“And those of you who are defending this just try to imagine how you’d feel if cops were saying ‘In Satan We Trust.’ Or even ‘In Allah We Trust’,” one idiot who completely missed the point wrote. Our country wasn’t built on satan or Allah, it was built on Christian principles which is why our currency says “In God we trust.” The hate didn’t stop with this degenerate. “Government agencies should not be promoting religion. This is unconstitutional,” wrote another. Then, someone had the audacity to ask, “Does that mean your officers don’t wear bulletproof vests and rely on thoughts and prayers instead of guns and tasers?”

These officers risk their lives every day for these people showing their hate who probably need God in their lives. Cops don’t just put on body armor, they put on the armor of God who is the ultimate protector of those who protect us, and if they want to say “in God we trust,” they should be allowed to do it. Communities across the country could use more visual reminders like this, but instead, they were forced to remove the picture and post from Facebook.