Cop Posts Damning Pic Right After Thug Kills Colleague, Pays The Price

Cop Posts Damning Pic Right After Thug Kills Colleague, Pays The Price
Wayne County Captain Doug Hunter (left), Part of scene where Officer Cottrell was killed (right)

It had only been a few hours since an Ohio officer’s brother in blue was shot and killed in the line of duty, when he took to the Internet to send a clear message to thugs. The damning photo he uploaded, before his colleague’s body was even cold, didn’t end well for him, but he’s rightfully refusing to apologize for it.

In the immediate wake of Officer Thomas Cottrell’s death on the job, Captain Doug Hunter decided he’s not going to stand idly by any longer, watching cop killers get away with murder. Cottrell is one of the latest victims, in a long line of senseless deaths at the hands of hoodlums, that our heroes and their families suffer, simply by trying to protect and serve the community. While they pay the ultimate price, the criminal’s actions are often excused based on race.

Hunter posted a meme to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Facebook page that many people didn’t like, but he doesn’t care if the truth hurts their sensitivities. On a picture of an electric chair, it says, “Time to bring back consequences,” which many people apparently found to be offensive.


The man who killed the officer the night Hunter posted this, left the house proclaiming to his girlfriend that he was on a mission to kill a cop. He succeeded in that and has since been arrested, NewsNet5 reports.

When asked about the backlash by Fox 8, Hunter didn’t apologize for his very valid opinion and noted that he absolutely will not remove the post or issue an apology. His assertiveness may have caused some liberals to cry, but many people couldn’t agree with the sentiment more, as proven by it garnering over 4,000 shares on Facebook.

Cop Posts Damning Pic Right After Thug Kills Colleague, Pays The Price
Officer Thomas Cottrell

The problem isn’t this man’s use of the First Amendment on an important topic he knows all too well, nor is it that he posted a picture some found to be in poor taste. It’s the fact that there are no serious consequences for bad behavior, and killing public servants has become acceptable under the Obama administration.

By crying racism or other ridiculous excuses, criminals know that liberals will shield them from receiving consequences. The country has become too concerned with people’s emotions and less focused on appropriate punishment. The only ones who win in that arrangement are the ones wreaking havoc in our communities, not those trying to protect it.

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