Cop Pulls Speeding Mom Over, Notices Something Strange About Her Boy

Seconds after a Michigan mother flew through a red light, she saw the ominous red and blue sirens flashing in her rear view mirror. She reluctantly pulled over, but when the cop came up to her window he was caught off guard by the boy she had in tow, immediately sensing something wasn’t right.

Officer Nick Mitchell (left). Rhonda McArthur (right) with her son Nickolas

Before asking Rhonda McArthur for her license and registration, Officer Nick Mitchell of the Rockwood Police Department recognized a much more pressing matter. “He looked at him (my son) and asked, ‘Is he okay?’” Rhonda told WXYZ.

Mitchell’s instincts were correct. The boy was far from okay, and his mother was rushing him to the first hospital she could find, when in her urgency she ran the red light.

Her 10-year-old son, Nickolas, was in the midst of a near-fatal asthma attack, but she still pulled over for the cop, who had signaled for her to do so, even though the boy was “gasping for air,” Mitchell described. To make matters worse, even if she hadn’t been pulled over, she still may not have made it there in time because of a problem with her car.

God intervened in the situation when He placed Mitchell right in this mother’s path. Rhonda’s car was only 10 miles away from running out of gas, which would have likely happened before making it to the hospital. Every second counted in the boy’s critical condition, and Mitchell took matters into his own hands without a moment of hesitation.

Officer Nick Mitchell at Rhonda’s car with backup

The heroic officer called for an ambulance, but one was not available at that moment, which was a terrifying thought for anyone who would find themselves in an emergency. “A decision was made to put him in the police car and get him there as fast as we could,” Officer Mitchell said, as the best way to get Nickolas immediate help.

In the meantime, another hero showed up with something the boy desperately needed. A firefighter arrived at the roadside scene with oxygen, then traveled with the child and his mother in Mitchell’s patrol car to the hospital. The crew got there right in time, and doctors were able to stabilize the child, who is expected to make a full recovery, all because of a few brave men who stepped in where God placed them.

Rhonda said that she never expected that being pulled over by police would be such a blessing, but after Officer Mitchell saved her son’s life, she has a new-found respect for the force. “Thank you for being empathetic,” the grateful mother told Officer Mitchell. “Thank you for being there when I didn’t think I needed anybody, but I did.”

These are the kinds of compassionate things these men and women do daily when they suit up and hit the streets. They never know what they may encounter, but they are always prepared. Had it not been for Mitchell, being where he was and when, Rhonda could have run out of gas and her son could have paid the ultimate price. Mitchell and the unnamed firefighter are proof that there are angels among us.

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