Cop Runs Away After Being Shot, SHOCKED To See What’s Coming For Him Next

Although an Oklahoma police officer thought a recent traffic stop would be like all the rest, he was beyond shocked to see the driver stick a gun out the window and begin to fire. Unfortunately, he was shot before crawling to his cruiser for cover – but things weren’t over quite yet. He was absolutely shocked to see what came for him next.

It all started when Officer Brian Southerland pulled over a car on  I-240 in the town of Valley Brook after watching it clip the curb with a tail light out. As it turns out, it was being driven by Cory Lee Hartsell, a gang member with a warrant out for his arrest.

Sadly, things would quickly take a turn as the officer got out of his car and began to approach the vehicle only for chaos to erupt. All caught on the cop’s dashcam, Hartsell brandished a firearm and began firing, striking Officer Southerland once.

Cop Runs Away After Being Shot, SHOCKED To See What’s Coming For Him Next
Officer Brian Southerland (left), and Cory Lee Hartsell (right)

Although the officer was able to crawl to the other side of his vehicle, things would only get worse as he looked down to see quite a bit of blood. Come to find out, the bullet struck Southerland’s femoral artery, and he was losing blood rather fast – but things were far from over.

Panicking and alone at this point, the officer was looking for anything that could help him, and that’s about the time he saw what was coming for him next.

… [T]he car of an unidentified passerby parks in front of Southerland’s vehicle.

An apparently elderly man exits his car, sees Southerland’s injuries and then runs back to his own vehicle.

A second man arrives on the scene as the older man fetches a rope for use as a tourniquet.

The older man is also seen fetching a stick – presumably to twist the rope tighter on the officer’s leg.

Finally, after an agonizing wait, an Oklahoma County Deputy arrives on the scene with a medical tourniquet and is able to staunch the bleeding fully. [Source: Mail Online]

Fortunately, with the help of the good Samaritan, the officer did survive and is currently well on the road to recovery. Already having undergone two surgeries, things are looking up for Southerland as a Go Fund Me page has been launched to help pay for the medical expenses incurred.

Cop Runs Away After Being Shot, SHOCKED To See What’s Coming For Him Next
The good Samaritan who stopped to help the officer (Source: Mail Online)

As for Hartsell, things aren’t exactly looking up. He is currently behind bars at the Oklahoma County Jail on counts of shooting with intent to kill and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and he isn’t expected to leave anytime soon.

Although some people would have you believe that police officers are just power-hungry crooks, Southerland’s case proves what they risk every single day. If that doesn’t go to show why these brave men and women deserve our utmost respect, well then, I’d say there isn’t much hope for you.

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