Cop Spotted In Middle Of Road, Onlookers Freak When They See What’s In His Bare Hands

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An officer with the Pembroke Police Department in Florida was dispatched to an emergency call after someone spotted something terrifying in the middle of the road. However, once he arrived, onlookers were left freaking out after they saw exactly what he was holding in his bare hands.

Lone Cop Spotted In Middle Of Road, Onlookers Freak When They See What's In His Bare Hands
Officer Joseph Cabrera (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Twitter)

Officer Joseph Cabrera of the Pembroke Police Department responded to an emergency call on Thursday that would change how everyone looked at him. Luckily for us, the incident was captured on camera, allowing viewers to see exactly what the few witnesses to the incident had seen, and what Officer Cabrera was doing is something few people would have the courage to do themselves.

In the short clip, it immediately becomes clear what Officer Cabrera was doing – wrestling with a large snake. It was a 12.5-foot Burmese python, according to Daily Mail. This brave officer singlehandedly began to capture the massive slithering snake, just to ensure the safety of people driving on the road.

“Last night Officer Cabrera responded to a call of a 12.5 foot Burmese python seen heading towards the Chapel Trail area near US-27 & Johnson St. Ofc Cabrera was able to secure the snake & safely transport it to the West PD until a licensed python remover arrived,” Pembroke Pines PD shared on Twitter, along with video of the incident.

Later, the Pembroke Police Department posted on their Facebook page, sharing more details about the encounter. “Last night our officers responded to US-27 and Johnson Street regarding an off-duty Customs & Border Patrol Officer who had observed a large snake heading east across the roadway towards the Chapel Trail area,” the post began.

“Officer Joey Cabrera arrived first on scene and wrangled the snake – a 12.5-foot Burmese python – until backup units arrived to assist him. Once secured, the snake was moved to the West PD substation until a licensed python removal contractor arrived and took custody of the snake,” Pembroke Pines PD continued, also showing images of the snake, which will sadly be humanely euthanized.

Last night our officers responded to US-27 and Johnson Street regarding an off-duty Customs & Border Patrol Officer who…

Posted by Pembroke Pines Police Department on Friday, January 12, 2018

Although snakes are a common sight to see for residents in Florida, most should be avoided and ignored, Pembroke Pines PD cautioned in their post. They added, “Burmese pythons, however, are an invasive species and a very real threat to our ecosystem,” explaining that, “Due to their size and strength, these snakes put local wildlife, pets, and even children at risk.” They further advised, “If you see a snake (of any kind) please do not approach it. If the snake is a danger to you or the surrounding area please contact 911.”

Remarkably, this 12.5-foot Burmese python isn’t the first time Officer Cabrera has wrangled a wayward snake. In fact, he was called out in April of last year to tackle a 13-foot python that had been seen by a group of teenagers. Clearly, Officer Joseph Cabrera put himself at risk, once again, to ensure no one was harmed – including local wildlife.

Several social media users commented on the incident with various reactions. “Well… that’s me never going to Florida,” one social media user stated, while another added, “Our PPPD taking protecting and serving to a whole new level,” thanking the entire police department for their service and bravery. Regardless of what your reaction is to the snake itself, one thing is for certain, thanks to this courageous cop, it can’t harm anyone or anything.

When a person signs up to be a police officer, he or she is signing up to protect citizens at any cost. Unfortunately, this often includes doing things that are difficult, life-threatening, or even making them face things that many of us fear head-on — like wrestling with a 12.5-foot snake. Of course, it’s always good to face your fears, but I think there are a lot of residents in the Florida area who are thankful it was the officer who faced this massive monster with his bare hands instead of one of them.