Onlookers SHOCKED By What’s Behind Cop Stopped Along Snowy Rural Road

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Onlookers SHOCKED By What’s Behind Cop Stopped Beside Snowy Rural Road
An Alaskan police officer shared a photo that went viral after viewers noticed something behind him.

An Alaskan police officer recently shared a photo of himself in front of his cruiser that has since gone viral after onlookers were left shocked by something less-than-ordinary hidden in plain sight behind him on a snowy rural road.

Sergeant Altepeter, an Alaska State Trooper, recently took a moment out of his day to snap a quick photo of himself on the job. After sharing the picture on social media, it didn’t take long for onlookers to spot something a bit unusual displayed on a sign behind him — and it’s something that will literally chill you to the bone.

While the rest of us were in our nice warm homes, Sergeant Altepeter, as well as many other officers across the country, were hard at work, protecting American citizens. However, Sergeant Altepeter had one significant disadvantage – the temperature in Alaska was minus fifty-three degrees outside.

Onlookers SHOCKED By What’s Behind Cop Stopped Beside Snowy Rural Road
Sergeant Altepeter standing in front of a sign showing the cold temperature (Source: America Going Blue)

According to Alaska State Troopers’ Facebook post:

Regardless of the temperature, Troopers have a job to do. Last night Sergeant Altepeter took a moment to share with those of us in our nice warm office what he was up against while patrolling the streets of Fairbanks. Just looking at that makes us want to turn our heaters up!

Sergeant Altepeter was making an honest point – men and women in blue are required to be on the job, regardless of what the weather is like outside. The sign behind him proves how cold it was during his shift, but he was still on duty. Clearly, as he is seen in the photo wearing only his uniform in the frigid weather, he does what is necessary to serve and protect.

It’s hard to imagine how cold minus fifty-three degrees would feel, but there’s no argument that it wouldn’t be easy or comfortable to work in. Although he can hide in his warm patrol car for parts of his shift, there’s no denying that his job would force him to get out and subject his body to the freezing weather.

Police officers constantly go above and beyond what many of us would even consider doing. It’s time we began to give them the respect they deserve because they clearly have to deal with more than meets the eye, and this officer proved it in one single photo.