Cop Stops To Help Woman Fix Tire, Gets Big Surprise With Who Else Showed Up

Cop Stops To Help Woman Fix Tire, Gets Big Surprise With Who Else Showed Up
Las Vegas Police Officer (left) and (right) roadside.

A Las Vegas police officer was on patrol when he saw a woman struggling with a flat tire and stopped to see if he could help. She asked for some assistance, so he got down in the dirt and began to fix it when he got a big surprise from behind he didn’t see coming with who else showed up.

The metropolitan area police asked the woman to sit in her car where she was most safe and comfortable as he took care of the tire. Grateful for his willingness to help, she took him up on the offer without expecting much else when the roadside assistance turned into something else entirely. Now, a photo from the scene has gone viral for good reason when viewers saw who else got on the ground with the cop.

Getting a flat tire is always an inconvenience, but having to deal with it on Christmas Eve is probably the worst time for it to happen. This was the case for an elderly woman on her way to festivities when the tire went flat. A police officer wasn’t far behind and was there to fix it for her when Zoltan Bathory, the lead guitarist from Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP), showed up. Rather than just driving by and giving the cop a thumbs up for his effort, he got out to help and also show his sincere appreciation for the job he does daily.

According to Blue Lives Matter, Zoltan and the rest of the band are big supporters of law enforcement and military heroes, and they make a point to publicly praise them. They also recruit veterans and employ multiple retired military members and have released several songs as a tribute to law enforcement and military. As one of the only bands in the industry who goes so far to show their support for these heroes, fans of Zoltan’s and FFDP weren’t surprised to see him on the ground helping a man with a badge when he posted a picture of it on Twitter.

“As one officer was away from his family, this rockstar made a point to stop, help and shine a spotlight on our officers,” Blue Lives Matter reported. While some may criticize this star’s decision to praise himself on social media for stopping to help, they point of doing so builds a positive image for police officers everywhere that not everyone in the entertainment industry is against them.

There should be more stars speaking their support of these men and women who risk their lives daily, than of Black Lives Matter cowards. For that reason, Zoltan and his band deserve the praise they get for constantly giving it to police officers and military members.

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