WATCH What Happens When Cop Stops White Boy, Begs 1 Burning Question

As the media continues to swoon over the likes of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, it seems that a third video has recently hit social media. However, this clip has people begging one serious question after seeing what happens when police stop a white boy – and it’s probably not the one you’re thinking.

Memes have been circling the Internet recently about a 19-year-old named Dylan Noble asking why there’s no public outrage over his case. After all, seeing how he was unarmed at the time (which is more than can be said of either Sterling or Castile), many have been left wondering where the national attention is on such a case.

Oddly enough, it seems that the Fresno Police Department in California has been hassled long enough to release the body cam footage of the officers involved in the shooting. For those unaware, police had interviewed a person who had called 911 about a man walking around with a gun — just like what happened with Sterling. A mere 12 minutes later, they spotted Noble’s truck which is where the video starts off.

As can be seen, officers had some trouble initially pulling over the teen, but once they did, things only got worse from there. After telling him well over 10 times to either show both of his hands or stick them out of the truck, Noble continues to ignore police orders and gets out of the truck without being instructed.

Further raising tensions, the teen can be seen reaching toward his back several times despite police orders against doing so. Eventually, he is shot as he starts walking toward police. From there, he’s shot another two times as police continue to warn Noble to stop reaching for whatever is underneath his shirt. By the end of the video, he’s dead.

WATCH What Happens When Cop Stops White Boy, Begs Have 1 Burning Question
Dylan Noble

Although Police Chief Jerry Dyer states his hopes that “this video doesn’t serve as that spark in this community,” he goes on to say that it needed to be released. However, as it has, others have been left with one burning question – where’s the public outrage?

After all, a quick peek at the videos of Alton Sterling and Dylan Noble will show several stark similarities. They are almost identical to a certain extent:

First, both cases involved a call to 911 about a man with a gun. Police arrive and give the suspects several orders, both suspects ignore them. There is one major difference. In Alton Sterling’s case, police initially deployed the use of a non-lethal device (a taser).

As Alton Sterling reached in his pocket, just as Dylan Noble reached to the backside of his waistband, officers were forced to ensure they came out alive. In nearly every regard, these cases are identical, but there has been no outrage in this seemingly justified shooting.

Sadly, it’s for one reason and one reason alone – Alton Sterling is black. As has been proven, Sterling had an extensive rap sheet and was a violent criminal to the highest regard, yet he’s received sympathy nationwide. The same thing happens to a white teen and it’s ignored because of the color of his skin.

Under the most divisive president in history, America has fallen to a new low. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the double standards.