‘F***ing Bastard Pigs’: Cops Make Terrifying Find Inside Antifa Thug’s Backpack

Antifa thugs showed up at a pro-Trump protest over the weekend, where police made a terrifying find in their backpacks.

Over the weekend, a pro-Trump group called Patriot Prayer held a permitted protest at Schrunk Plaza in Portland, Oregon. The peaceful demonstration was short-lived, though, as violent Antifa thugs came out in force to stage a counter-protest across the street in Chapman Square. The terrifying find police made inside of a backpack belonging to one of the Antifa protesters led to an immediate arrest.

The scene in Portland turned to violence as masked Antifa affiliates ganged up on a Trump supporter 10 to 1, beating him into the ground. At this point, the police were nowhere to be seen, but luckily, bystanders were able to push the attackers aside to free the man they were beating. In horrifying video footage of the incident, the victim can be seen scrambling away as his assailants evade any punishment for the assault.

Later on, when police did intervene to break up the “unlawful gathering,” several individuals in the crowd hurled projectiles, including bricks and mortars, at them before retreating. One protester can be heard calling law enforcement officers “f***ing bastard pigs” in the first of the two graphic videos below.

The Antifa protesters had come prepared with backpacks full of weapons which could be used against the police and the supporters of President Donald Trump.

Portland Antifa leftists hurled bottles and bricks at Portland police today at their counter protest against free speech.

Police confiscated DYNAMITE, brass knuckles, knives, and sticks from the Antifa protesters.

The dueling protests in Portland kicked off to an exciting start. Police rushed into the anarchist crowd to start confiscating possible weapons and making arrests.

There were reports that the protesters were tossing used tampons and bags of crap at the officers. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

The Portland Police arrested those responsible and posted several photos to Twitter to show the public exactly what they were dealing with.

There is truly no level to which these sick human beings will not sink. When your weapon of choice is a bag of excrement or a bloody tampon, you are no more civilized than an animal flinging poop at his adversary.

The current atmosphere and general disdain among these scumbags for law enforcement will likely contribute to a steep decline in the number of young men and women willing to put their lives on the line by becoming police officers. A profession which was once respected and rewarding has become unnecessarily dangerous and risky, thanks to those on the left.

I wonder what these disrespectful thugs will do when there is no longer anyone there to protect them from themselves. After all, they are just as likely to call 911 in an emergency as those of us who do not fling tampons and bags full of poop at the cops. They are in for a rude awakening once they are actually forced to take care of themselves.

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