VIDEO: Onlookers Call Cops After Looking Beside Couple Having Sex In Public

Quite a disturbing video is spreading across social media after onlookers saw a couple having sex in public. Unfortunately, the situation was only made worse as people looked right beside the twisted duo – and that’s when the police were called.

Onlookers Call Cops After Seeing What’s Beside Couple Having Sex In Public
Images from the disturbing video recorded in Portugal (Photo Credit: Live Leak)

According to Opposing Views, the incident took place on a river beach of Tabuao near the town of Paredes de Coura in the Porto region of northern Portugal, but video of the matter has spread worldwide at this point. For reasons unknown, a passerby decided to whip out his camera and begin recording when he saw a man and woman having sex out in the open.

As can be seen in the uncensored 11-minute clip shared to Live Leak, the woman bounces up and down on top of her man, all while keeping what was left of her modesty intact by covering up with a towel. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly work as several people took notice to what they were actually doing.

Unfortunately, the situation was only made worse as people saw what was next to the sick duo as they carried out their dirty public deed. For reasons unknown, the pair – who are believed to be parents – apparently couldn’t contain themselves and decided to have sex right next to a little girl — their purported daughter. By right next to, we mean practically touching the child, as seen in the short excerpt below.

Even more shockingly, the woman featured in the video appears to make no attempt to conceal her identity or what she was doing. Worse, at one point in the full clip, which we did not include due to its graphic nature, she seems to be talking and laughing with the girl while she bounces up and down on her partner. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also stared directly into the camera as the man was recording, meaning that she knew she had a developing audience.

After being posted online, the video quickly went viral and has even resulted in police becoming involved after people began to call them about it. “Once it had been discovered that the video that was the subject of the complaint existed, police in Paredes de Coura alerted Policia Judiciaria officers to inform them a minor appeared in a sex video which had been posted on the Internet,” an unidentified source explained, according to Mail Online.

Onlookers Call Cops After Seeing What’s Beside Couple Having Sex In Public
Images from the video recorded in Portugal (Photo Credit: Live Leak)

Although most people are glad that the couple is now being sought by police, others are wondering why no one called police when it took place. Seeing how there was a child involved, you’d think that someone would have said something, whether it be to the couple directly or to officers of the law.

In the end, those who were there witnessing the disturbing act should have put an end to this one way or another. If they couldn’t muster up the courage to confront the perverts personally, then they should have allowed police to intervene on this girl’s behalf and spare her from more potential abuse.

Either way, what these two did was flat-out wrong. Sex in public is one thing, but not having the ability to control yourself when there is a child around – that’s something else entirely. There is a time and place for everything, and these so-called parents need to be taught that in definitive terms.