Cops Puke When They See Where Dirtbag Mom Kept Her Son For An Entire Year

Cops Puke When They See Where Dirtbag Mom Kept Her Son For An Entire Year
36-year-old Brandy K. Jaynes (left), Jaynes’s Home in Utah (right)

It had been a year since the father to 36-year-old Brandy K. Jaynes’s son had seen his boy, so he stopped by his ex’s house in Toquerville, Utah for a long overdue visit. When he went inside, he saw Jaynes’s other two children but not his son, so he kept digging until he discovered where the boy was being kept for the last year while his dad wasn’t around. The results of that find left investigators sick to their stomachs.

For reasons unspecified, the father went to the home and eventually found his 12-year-old son, who weighed just 30 pounds and looked like the victim of a concentration camp from World War II, Washington County Lt. David Crouse said, according to Fox59. The child was emaciated and couldn’t even stand up, let alone walk, for being so frail. The other children in the home said the last time they even spoke to their brother was six months ago, then officers and the father found out what the kids’ mother had done.

Jaynes apparently didn’t want to have to deal with all three kids, and instead of letting the father take the 12-year-old, she locked him out of sight in a blacked out upstairs bathroom with no food or water and several layers of duct tape over the light switches so he couldn’t turn them on. Investigators suspect that she kept an eye on him through a surveillance system connected to her phone, noting that the children spared her abuse said they had seen their brother in the bathroom on their mother’s phone. However, they soon forgot about him since they didn’t even bother going to the door for six months, nor did they think to report the obvious issues to anybody.

“According to deputies, Jaynes told them the boy was locked in the bathroom because he wanted to sleep in there and she locked him inside for his ‘safety’ when she left home,” Fox59 reported. She’s now been booked on aggravated felony child abuse which seems like a slap on the wrist for what she did. At the minimum, she should be hit with attempted murder since locking this kid away with nothing in a dark bathroom for a year could clearly lead to his death, which she probably wouldn’t have been disappointed about.

It’s not the other children’s fault for not calling anyone for help for their brother, as they were likely brainwashed to believe that this was in their sibling’s best interest or what he wanted. However, his father somehow didn’t know that this was happening to his child for a year, and there’s something really wrong with that. The boy is in the hospital now, where he’s expected to be for the next three weeks. Although he may recover physically, he’ll never fully recover emotionally.

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