Cops Shocked At What They Find Hidden In Plain Sight At Fatal Bike Crash

A biker was riding down a rural road in Shreveport, Louisiana with his girlfriend on the back of his motorcycle when he lost control of the ride, sending both of them flying off. When first responders arrived, they found one person dead and the other fighting for life, but no one could believe what was hiding in plain sight.

John Newhart Jr. and Kimberly West were newly engaged. (Photo Credit: West’s Facebook page)

The only thing John Newhart Jr. loved more than motorcycles was the woman he asked to be his wife just a couple of weeks before the two of them were involved in the fatal accident. John was riding with his new fiancée, Kimberly West, on the back when the motorcycle rolled. Both initially survived the wreck, but John was found dead by the time the police got there because of one thing he decided to do after tragedy struck.

According to KSLA, Kimberly fell off the bike first and was laying on the pavement when John ran away from the wreckage and out on the road to get her. As he was standing by her body, preparing to get her to safety, he looked up in horror. Another car came barreling down the road, headed right for the couple when without hesitation John grabbed Kimberly and threw her out of the way to take the impact for her and save her life.

“He tossed her out of the way, and he got hit point blank,” John’s friend “Pyro” said. The hero was killed on impact. When the police arrived at the scene, they were shocked to see what he had done, having survived the crash but died so that someone else could live. His final act on earth was saving the woman who others said was the love of his life, which he proved with this incredibly selfless thing he did on that fateful day.

“He went out a hero, he sacrificed himself to save the love of his life,” Pyro said, still in shock with the rest of John’s loved ones, including his 22-year-old son who said his dad was his best friend. “That was my best friend, he wasn’t just my dad, he was my best friend. I didn’t think I’d lose him at 22,” said Newhart’s son, John Newhart.

Kimberly suffered severe injuries and was treated in the ICU, but she is alive because this man loved her more than anything else in this world. “It just speaks volumes for the love story they had,” Brandon Bridges said, who is another friend of John and Kimberly. “The world needs to know he died saving the woman he loved.

While so many people are quick to judge the type of person a biker is, based on their outward appearance, John Newhart Jr. proved his character and heart are far more impressive than most. He represents many motorcycle riders who would do the same thing that he did with their dying breath because nothing comes before their loved ones. He leaves an incredible legacy of love for his son who was raised by a real man.

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