Cops Find Dog Abandoned On Road, Left Sickened After Seeing What’s On Its Face

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In Atlanta, Georgia, the police received a call regarding an abandoned dog on the side of the road. After an officer arrived at the scene, he was left sickened to see what was on the terrified black dog’s face.

Cops Find Dog Abandoned On Road, Left Horrified After Noticing What's On Its Face
The dog, Eve (left), a stock image of a ditch for visual representation only (right) (Photo Credit: LifeLine Animal Project/Facebook, Steve Daniels/Wikimedia Commons)

An Atlanta Police Department officer responded to a call about an abandoned dog spotted in a ball on the side of the road. When he arrived on the scene, he was quickly left disgusted when he took a closer look and realized what was on the poor dog’s face — duct tape. In fact, it was wrapped around her entire face.

According to Kiro 7, the Atlanta police officer noted in his report that the “animal’s entire head was completely covered with a thick layer of silver duct tape starting from its neck to the very tip of its nose, preventing (her) from breathing at all.” The dog must’ve been undeniably terrified as it slowly suffocated before being rescued.

The dog, which was later determined to actually be a 7-month-old puppy, was wearing a blue body harness and appeared to be in good nutritional health. Of course, the officer didn’t hesitate to remove some of the tape to ensure the dog was able to breathe. The cop then called the Fulton County Animal Control to assist him with the case.

They immediately called in the assistance of APD’s Animal Cruelty Liaison Office, a sworn police officer position created to investigate animal cruelty crimes. The pup was then taken to LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services, where they named her “Eve.”

The LifeLine Animal Project members later relayed that Eve is a “loving, happy puppy who is recovering well,” according to AJC. Before adoption, she will be placed with a rescue group that has experience handling dogs who have been through trauma in order to teach her to trust again.

Upon receiving Eve, Lifetime Animal Project posted an update on Eve’s condition on their Facebook page. “Last week, our Fulton County Animal Services officers and the City of Atlanta Police Department rescued a seven-month-old puppy with duct tape covering her entire face, eyes, and neck,” they wrote. “She was found in the woods in terrible condition and immediately brought into our care. We named her Eve.”

The statement continued, “Shortly after arriving at LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services, Eve received the medical treatment she so desperately needed. And after a few days of love and care from our wonderful staff and volunteers, Eve is beginning to thrive! Our shelter staff report that she is a loving, happy puppy who is recovering well in our care.”

Along with pictures of Eve, the shelter added, “Eve is just one of the 40-60 animals who come into our care every single day. From strays to cruelty cases, we do not turn away a single animal at our county shelters. Learn how you can support Atlanta’s homeless animals, like Eve, today.”

Last week, our Fulton County Animal Services officers and the City of Atlanta Police Department rescued a…

Posted by LifeLine Animal Project on Monday, March 5, 2018

Anyone with information regarding Eve’s animal abuse case is urged to call Crime Stoppers. Callers are given the option to remain anonymous and may even be eligible for a cash reward up to $2,000 if their tip leads to an arrest and indictment. Any information would help, as no one has any knowledge about Eve’s circumstances at this point.

There is no excuse for animal cruelty, no matter what. Eve is lucky that someone spotted her on the side of the road before it was too late, considering the fact that she couldn’t breathe properly in the duct tape mask. We need to look out for those who don’t have a voice. An animal should never have to be put through something like this, and the sick individuals who do this type of thing deserve to spend some time in jail to think about their disgusting nature.