Strange Activity Leads Cops To Home, Sick To Find Horrid Living Room Box

Strange Activity Leads Cops To Home, Sick To Find Horrid Living Room Box
Cecil Kutz (left) and stock photo of a crate (right)

When a young woman from Pennsylvania arrived at the hospital without her baby after recently giving birth, hospital staff knew something was off. After police were notified of the strange activity, they went to the couple’s home and were left sickened to find what was inside the father’s living room box that was absolutely horrid.

Tiffany George had recently given birth at home when she was forced to go to the hospital for some unforeseen complications. However, once she and the baby’s father, Cecil Kutz, arrived at the hospital, the staff quickly noticed one problem – they didn’t bring their newborn.

The hospital staff informed the police, requesting a welfare check at the couple’s home. When cops arrived, they were not only stunned to find three children under the age of two but also that they were unsupervised. However, things were much more sickening than they could have imagined. “Troopers found a 22-month-old child locked in a cage so small that the toddler couldn’t stand up inside,” according to Pix 11 — and that wasn’t all.

Police say the boy’s cage “was made out of plywood and lattice, and it had a door on it that was locked from the outside,” according to WFMZ. They also found a one-year-old boy in a playpen and a one-day-old girl was found in a baby seat on the floor.

Strange Activity Leads Cops To Home, Sick To Find Horrid Living Room Box
Cecil Kutz’s home where the kids were found

While the police were at the home, Kutz returned and attempted to excuse his behavior as a lapse in judgment because he wanted to visit his girlfriend in the hospital. Of course, there is no reason a child should be left home alone, much less be kept in a horrifying homemade cage, where even the small child couldn’t stand up.

“I think something like this is so egregious that most people … would know to not put a kid in the cage regardless of what you think the good reason was,” said Sgt. Fred Krute of the Pennsylvania State Police. “There is no good reason. There isn’t any reason to put a child in a cage.”

Kutz has since been arrested on child endangerment charges and currently remains in the Schuylkill County Prison, unable to post bail, where he’s founding out how it feels to be caged against his will. As for George, she may face charges of her own once she is released from the hospital. After the infant was examined at the hospital, all three siblings have been taken into the custody of child welfare authorities.

It’s truly disgusting to think that this man believed it was acceptable to keep his child in a homemade cage. Honestly, if you can’t handle your eldest child, it’s probably a good idea to stop having children and either focus all your attention on the one you have or get help from someone who can give the child a loving home. Children are precious gifts from God, and they deserve the love and attention that they need – even if you can’t be the one to give it to them.

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