Shocked Cops Discover 1 Thing About LV Shooter The Mainstream Media Don’t Want You To Know

As the shocking reports out of Las Vegas, Nevada, continue to come in, one fact about the shooter, Stephen Paddock, continues to baffle the cops. No, it’s not the rumor that he was with the Islamic State; it’s something much more concrete. The Hollywood crowd and the mainstream media are rabid after the shooting in Las Vegas, going after your Second Amendment rights, and as law enforcement discovers one thing about Paddock, it’s the one thing the liberal media refuses to let you know.

Stephen Paddock (left), Stephen Paddock’s home in Mesquite (right), where the FBI was seen searching most of the day (Photo Credit: Matthew Kick/Twitter, Screengrab/YouTube)

Every time there is a mass shooting by a “white guy,” the Hollywood crowd, along with the mainstream media, immediately jump on the “get rid of all guns” bandwagon. No matter the circumstances, they tell us if we had either stricter gun control laws or no guns allowed at all, people would be alive. Perhaps they are so quick to jump on this rhetoric because if they wait for the facts, their narrative would be proven wrong before it could spread like wildfire.

Details of the shooter’s life are sketchy at best as law enforcement is doing their investigation, but we do know a few things about Stephen Paddock, who was 64 years old and resided in Mesquite, Nevada. At the time of this reporting,  58 are confirmed dead and counting, and there are reports of over 500 wounded. They were concertgoers, attending a “Route 91 Harvest Festival,” with mainly country singers performing.

The idiot celebrities and liberal losers like Hillary Clinton are posting political statements on Twitter. It’s all an attack on your Second Amendment rights. They are focusing on gun control while trying to make the case that Paddock was a “domestic terrorist.” That will fit their narrative, but the problem is what the cops discovered about Paddock, thus far, does not.

So, what was it about Stephen Paddock that caused him to mass murder? Could it have been prevented? We can speculate on that, but there are two facts that just drives the liberals crazy about Paddock. One was that he was using a fully automatic weapon, which is illegal. “Charles Cooke, an actual firearms expert, says it does sound like an automatic. And if it is, that means Paddock did a *lot* of planning for mass murder,” reports Hot Air.

Fox News has now reported that Paddock had fully automatic AR-15’s, which are extremely hard to come by. Cooke says, “Only automatic weapons manufactured and registered with the federal government before 1986 can be bought, owned and sold.” Could stricter gun laws or even making all guns illegal to own have stopped Paddock? Of course not.

The other fact that has the liberal losers completely pissed off is the cops not labeling this “terrorism.” It’s not a racist thing, as they imply; it’s a motive thing. The FBI and local law enforcement are completely baffled trying to determine what was his motive. They discovered one thing, and that’s nothing in his house made them think terrorism. By all accounts, he never married or had kids, worked for three years at Lockheed Martin, and never was in trouble with the law.

So, why did Paddock do it? All we know at this point is how the police conduct an investigation. They consider three things: means, motive, and opportunity. What we don’t know is his motive. Cops are shocked they can’t find his motive since, usually, it’s apparent after searching the shooter’s home. According to KTLA, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo explained, “We have to establish what his motivation was first. There are motivating factors associated with terrorism other than a distraught person just intending to cause mass casualties. Before we label with that, it’ll be a matter of process.”

Paddock was organized. He planned this out to a T. At 64 years old, he was not a good candidate to be influenced by others, too old, not like a vulnerable young man who can fall prey to others. No, whatever happened to this guy, he snapped, all on his own, and he would have gotten a hold of the guns he wanted no matter what.

The Hollywood crowd will sacrifice you and me; we will be unarmed and “open season” if they get their way. While they scream “guns must go,” they have the biggest, baddest, armed bodyguards protecting them, so they need to shut the hell up about their idiotic pleas for stricter gun control and stop making everything a conspiracy theory about racism.

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