Cops See Muslim Wearing Banned ‘Burkini,’ Teach Her How Assimilation Works

Cops See Muslim Wearing Banned 'Burkini,' Teach Her How Assimilation Works
When police caught a Muslim woman wearing an illegal burkini, they gave her 2 choices — remove it or pay a fine.

Just days after towns began banning Muslims from wearing the restrictive and unhygienic “burkini” at beaches, officials spotted a defiant woman sporting the outlawed Islamic garb. When the woman refused to comply with the law of the land, authorities decided to teach her a valuable lesson in assimilation.

Since France has seen an increase in Islamic terrorism and Sharia enforcement, conservative officials have decided to fight the ideology’s violent nature at its oppressive core values. Identifying the rapid spread of Islam and its misogynistic customs, the list is growing when it comes to French cities banning the burkini, tacky swimwear designed with repressed Muslim women in mind. However, considering that Muslims often buck “manmade” law for Sharia, authorities are finding they must enforce it — sometimes physically.

The Express reports that police spotted a Muslim woman lounging on a beach in Nice while wearing the illegal religious garb, prompting a reaction that has sensitive leftist apologists gasping for air. The officers approached the heavily-clad sunbather, first reminding her that the burkini is now illegal and then telling her that she must remove the banned clothing or be fined.

The Muslim woman finally agreed, removing her bulky hijab. However, she ultimately still remained more modestly covered than any of the non-Muslim beachgoers around her. It is believed that she was given a fine for not obeying officers’ orders sooner, although she eventually gave in and followed the law. According to French media, her ticket was for not wearing “an outfit respecting good morals and secularism.”

Cops See Muslim Wearing Banned 'Burkini,' Teach Her How Assimilation Works
After much resistance, she finally agreed to remove the burkini.
Cops See Muslim Wearing Banned 'Burkini,' Teach Her How Assimilation Works
Officers monitored her to ensure that she wouldn’t put on the illegal clothing item again on the beach.
Cops See Muslim Wearing Banned 'Burkini,' Teach Her How Assimilation Works
French media claim that she was still ticketed for initially disobeying officers.

Her compliance proved that assimilation isn’t as painful as Muslims often claim and is much easier when Western countries adhere to their own laws rather than attempting to appease foreign ones.

Unfortunately, not every Muslim guest is as compliant. In fact, another recent incident with a Muslim woman didn’t go as smoothly. When police ordered the 34-year-old mother to remove part of her illegal swimwear, she became belligerent. Fed up with her behavior, officers pointed a canister of pepper spray at her face and told her to either remove the burkini or leave the beach, according to The Guardian.

Of course, the entitled Muslim woman refused, to which the officers responded by pointing a canister of pepper spray at her face and giving her one last chance to willingly obey the law. She was quickly fined and removed from the beach, providing her the perfect opportunity to play the race card.

“I wasn’t even planning to swim, just to dip my feet. My children were crying as they witnessed by humiliation,” the woman declared, eventually branding the cops “racist.”

Ironically, the woman immediately resorted to complaining about her “human rights,” something she would not be afforded under Sharia.

“Today we are not allowed on the beach. Tomorrow, the street?” she asked. “Tomorrow, we’ll be forbidden from practicing our religion at all? I’m in the country of human rights. I see no trace of the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. I am outraged that this could happen in France.”

It’s common to hear Muslims whine about their mistreatment in the West, typically after members of their religion have committed mass murder. However, it’s even more disheartening to hear Muslim women defend their “right to choose” to wear the hijab.

Under Sharia, these women have no choice like they do in the West. In fact, if they “choose” to leave the house without covering their heads and hair, they are subject to a range of punishments both by the government and/or society. They are fined, lashed, imprisoned, raped, and honor killed, yet we have thousands of leftists who ignorantly perpetuate this misogyny and oppression by donning the same headscarf over which many women have lost their identities, freedom, and lives.

While there is always a “hijab day” in the West, in which capitulating liberals stand in support of women choosing to wear the 1,400-year-old symbol of female suffering, there is never a “remove the hijab day” to honor those women who’ve been persecuted for refusing to submit to Islam’s tyrannical laws.

Unfortunately, we cannot legislate freedom to those who wish to remain captive. While these women can be forced to take off the symbol of Islamic misogyny, true liberation can only come when they choose to defy their ideology’s backward ways.

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