Cops Called On Odd Couple, Then Spot Something Amiss Inside Their Car

Cops Called On Odd Couple, Then Something Seemed Amiss Inside Their Car
Dustin Bear Bryant Byrd and Tania Maria Epstein

A couple spotted outside of a Florida home caught the eye of a man parked nearby, after they seemed to be out-of-place. When the man went to get in his car, the witness noticed something amiss inside the couple’s vehicle, which quickly led to their urgent arrest.

Dustin Bear Bryant Byrd, 27, and Tania Maria Epstein were rolling through a Lake Worth neighborhood when they decided to park outside of a stranger’s house in a secluded part of the subdivision. Byrd got out, leaving his lady to wait in the car, as he went to the front door of the home and knocked for about five minutes, Sun-Sentinal reported.

A deputy was called out to the area on reports of a potential break-in. He arrived in an unmarked patrol car and waited and watched from afar. What transpired from there was far from a typical burglary alert.

Byrd busted in through the back of the house, after he determined that nobody was home when his front door knocks went unanswered. After gaining entrance, he set off a silent alarm, which alerted the homeowner who was away from home at the time, but it flipped on surveillance cameras and recorded what Byrd did next.

With Epstein still sitting in the car, her criminal counterpart ransacked the stranger’s house, re-emerging with a black bag and a large jewelry chest. The undercover cop saw him come out with the loot and climb in his silver car, before rushing the scene to stop the thieves before they could get away. That’s when he saw inside their car and couldn’t believe what was in the back seat.

According to WPBF, the couple didn’t arrive to the scene alone, they made the dangerous adventure a family affair, bringing along their toddler and an infant for the crime ride. Epstein immediately tried to deny her role in the burglary, claiming that she was unaware of her man’s intentions and that she had “only driven here.”

Thankfully, the cop wasn’t buying her ignorance. The couple, who co-conspired in a crime together, went down together, and their children got taken from them too. Byrd, a 3-time convicted felon, was found with an estimated $5,000 worth of the homeowner’s jewelry on him. Byrd and Epstein, who is on probation for trafficking stolen property, were booked into jail on a long list of new charges, including burglary, child neglect, grand theft, grand theft of a firearm, felony criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools, and violation of probation.

Anyone robbing a stranger’s home is obviously desperate for something, but these parents’ level of criminal depravity is far worse than your average robbers. Hopefully, their extensive rap sheets keep them locked up for a long time and unable to get their impressionable children back. These parents have already proven they’ll put their babies and toddlers in harm’s way, and one can only wonder what else they’ve witnessed in their young lives.