Cops Respond To Car Crash, Stunned By Citizens’ Response To Man-In-Need

Although police officers are put into difficult situations daily, two cops from Palm Bay, Florida were dispatched to a car crash and had no idea exactly what they would find at the scene. Once they arrived, they quickly realized that the car was on fire and the driver was trapped inside, but what left them stunned was how onlookers responded to the man-in-need, and it’s not exactly what you’d expect to see.

Cops Respond To Car Crash, Stunned By Citizens Response To Man-In-Need

A man lost control of his SUV and swerved off the road and down an embankment. Unfortunately, as a result of the damage to the vehicle, it caught on fire and quickly made an already bad situation all the more problematic.

Palm Bay Police Sgt. Steve Shytle and Ofc. Ryan VanNote were quickly dispatched to the scene, where they were left stunned to see how the citizens who witnessed the car crash had responded to the man-in-need.

Cops Respond To Car Crash, Stunned By Citizens Response To Man-In-Need
Their human chain (Source:: PIX 11)

To the surprise of the police, the citizens stepped up to help the officers and firemen to rescue the man trapped inside the burning car. Some of the onlookers “ran to a hotel across the street for a fire extinguisher,” according to WESH.

That’s when police arrived and realized what the remaining onlookers were up to. They “formed a human chain and assisted the officers in pulling out the male driver from the vehicle,” according to Pix 11.

Once the emergency personnel and kind people rescued the man, he was given immediate medical treatment. After he arrived at the Holmes Regional Medical Center, it was reported that he suffered only minor injuries. Thankfully, a bystander, Shannon Perez, filmed the entire amazing rescue for us all to see.

Just when you think the world is full of selfish people, you hear about a story that pulls the heartstrings and proves the exact opposite. We need more people like this.

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