Cops Stop SUV — You’ll Wanna Build The Wall Yourself When You See Who Pours Out

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During a routine traffic stop this week, law enforcement officers in Delaware pulled over an SUV full of people. When you see who poured out of the vehicle, you’ll want to head down to the border and build the wall yourself.

Delaware police make arrests after pulling over an SUV. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Delaware Online)

ICE agents lodged detainers against 10 illegal immigrants from Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala on Wednesday after they poured out of an SUV during a routine traffic stop.

ICE agents lodged detainers against 10 illegal immigrants arrested on Wednesday morning after bailing out of the vehicle they were riding in during a routine traffic stop near New Castle, Delaware.

A Toyota Sequoia bearing temporary Arkansas tags was pulled over by Delaware River and Bay Authority police around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, but as police approached the vehicle 12 people — 10 adults and two juveniles — temporarily escaped into a marshland area. [Source: The Daily Caller]

Thankfully, all of the suspects were ultimately apprehended. It was later confirmed that all twelve of them were in the country illegally. They had fled in order to avoid arrest, which didn’t exactly pan out the way they had planned.

Ten of 12 people who bailed out of an SUV on an interstate near New Castle Wednesday morning have been arrested and charged with resisting arrest, according to authorities. The other two, juveniles, were not charged and were released to family members.

Delaware River and Bay Authority officers pulled over a Toyota Sequoia with temporary Arkansas tags on the split at I-295 southbound and I-95 northbound around 9:30 a.m., said Delaware River and Bay Authority Spokesman Jim Salmon.

Those people fled into the nearby marshland, Salmon said. DRBA and State Police eventually found and arrested them all, Salmon said. Most were charged with resisting arrest and the driver also received motor vehicle violations, Salmon said. He said the suspects were in the country illegally.

The driver, Juan Andres-Andres, has been deported multiple times, according to court documents. Those documents said police investigators learned the people in the SUV fled because they wanted to avoid arrest for being in the county illegally. [Source: Delaware Online]

Of course, this is a perfect example of why we desperately need to build an impenetrable wall along our porous southern border with Mexico; illegal immigrants — many of them previously deported multiple times — are literally flooding into the country by the carload. Not only are valuable law enforcement resources wasted in the effort to apprehend these law-breakers, but countless American lives are put at risk in the process.

Still, the Democrats will not budge when it comes to providing funding for the wall. At a press conference on Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy (D-CA) Pelosi definitively declared that she would not support funding a border wall in exchange for a solution to DACA.

When pressed for an explanation, she said, “Well, because they are two different subjects. What we want in this negotiation, I think I can say, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to anybody…it’s December, the time we’ve lost now, another week, for a legitimate purpose. But none the less we are getting close to when this CR expires and of course we are extending it for two weeks.”

“Within that two weeks, we have before us all of the factors, all of the issues that we need to make a decision,” Pelosi added. “I think what we can do that makes sense is to pass the six bills where the members of the appropriations committee have come to terms. You’ve heard me say it over and over, left to their own devices the appropriators can come to a good conclusion. And then have a CR only for Homeland Security as we go forward. And that’s pretty much what our position is now.”

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence which exists to suggest that we must protect our border by building the wall, do not expect the Democrats to do the right thing by approving the funding for it.

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