Cops Taking Guns From People Who Committed No Crimes, All Across The Country

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All across the country, police are taking guns from American citizens, even though they’ve done nothing wrong. The new trend is growing, and it’s legal.

Police officers in Seattle are taking guns from citizens who committed no crimes. (Photo Credit: Matt Wunderle/Flickr/Damien Conway/Flickr)

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, liberals have been demanding stricter gun laws. They never stop and realize that taking guns from law-abiding citizens leads to more victims. Violent criminals don’t follow gun laws. They don’t buy their guns legally. So, does tighter gun control really make sense? Nope.

Yet thanks to excessive media attention, numerous gun control events have gained momentum. American citizens might not like it, but overeager lawmakers do. That’s why more and more states are implementing policies that brand lawful citizens as threats.

That’s just what happened to Alexander Mckenzie, a 31-year-old veteran. His family was getting worried about him. So, what did they do? They went to the police and had his guns taken away. The man committed no crimes, with no real evidence that he was about to do anything.

What justified this violence of his Second Amendment rights? He was looking at people. No, I’m not making this up.

Alexander Mckenzie, a 31-year-old Army veteran who, according to court documents, is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, recently had his gun confiscated by the Seattle Police Department even though he had committed no crime.

It’s one of 27 guns seized legally by the Seattle Police Department from 16 individuals since last July under Washington State’s new Extreme Risk Protection Order law.

McKenzie had been acting strange, glaring at customers of a pizza restaurant while carrying his handgun. [Source: Fox News]

“Red flag” laws claim to prevent crime before it happens, but it’s really an excuse for the government to disarm the public on the flimsiest pretenses.

Washington is one of six states with high risk or red flag laws. But in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, the Brady Campaign says at least 30 states are considering them…

Guns are removed for one year, but there is due process. Only family, roommates and police can petition the court for the civil order. The burden of proof is on the petitioner. A judge determines if the person is a danger to himself or others. If the order is issued, the guns can be seized immediately, but the gun owner gets to make his or her case in court within two weeks. [Source: Fox News]

How long before this gets abused by radical, liberal judges? When do states with aggressive gun control governors use these laws to simply disarm everyone?

Alexander Mckenzie claims that he is in agreement with the ruling. Really? If he considered himself such a threat, why didn’t he just hand over his gun to a family member? One commenter raised a good point:

If the family was so concerned, they would just take the weapons from the person themselves instead of petitioning the government to get involved. This is government overreach. [Source: Pete Matesevac/Facebook]

It’s obvious that liberals will use the Parkland school shooting as an excuse to snatch guns from Americans. But if authorities had done what they were supposed to, it could have been prevented. Cruz’s family could have taken his guns. The FBI could have followed up on the two tips they were given about the man. And law enforcement could have intervened during the shooting to save lives. All of this falls under existing laws that do not take guns away from citizens.

Time and again we learn that more gun control leads to more crime. The fewer citizens armed, the greater freedom criminals, terrorists, and mass shooters have. Yet Democrats want us to think that government control is the answer. They want our entire lives dictated by those in power.

It’s a slippery slope. No one should be deprived their rights, just because someone else is nervous. But if the “red flag” law trend continues, we’ll end up in a society where we’ll be suspicious of our own family. That’s not America.