Cops Walk Into Bloody Walmart Bathroom, Horrified By Mom’s Sick Use For Needle Nose Pliers

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Cops Walk Into Bloody Walmart Bathroom, Horrified By Mom’s Sick Use For Needle Nose Pliers
Jeannine Cherilynn Isom (inset), stock photo of a bloody bathroom for visual representation

A Utah mother is behind bars after police officers walked into a bloody bathroom in their local Walmart. Inside, they would find the woman wielding a pair of needle nose pliers – but the worst part would come as they realized the sick new use she had for the normally harmless tool.

Cashiers didn’t think twice when Jeannine Cherilynn Isom walked into a local Walmart and purchased just two simple items. She put a bottle of hand sanitizer and a pair of needle nose pliers on the belt before paying and walking away with her bag in hand.

According to Conservative Tribune, she wouldn’t leave the store but instead stopped by the bathroom, taking her 7-year-old son inside with her. Unfortunately, things would take a turn as her older son, who was outside the bathroom at the time, heard screams coming from inside and ran in to see what was the matter.

After seeing what was happening, the boy grabbed his little brother and ran outside, prompting a call to police who would quickly arrive. Much to their horror, they walked into the bloody bathroom to investigate – but nothing would prepare them for what they saw.

As Good 4 Utah reports, officers saw Isom in the bathroom with a pair of needle nose pliers in her hand that she had just been using to remove 2 of her son’s teeth. When questioned, she told officers that the teeth were actually loose, but that wasn’t the case at all.

The boy was taken to a local dentist who investigated and found that one of the teeth was slightly wiggly, but still not ready to come out, and the other was still firm in his gum when she pulled them out. Showing that it took brute force – and a lot of pain – to get them out, one of the boy’s teeth didn’t come out in one piece as it broke several times during the bathroom extraction.

Sgt. Cameron Paul with American Fork Police explains that the tooth removal was made even more painful by the fact that Isom didn’t use any kind of anesthetic to help numb the pain in the process. She also gave no reason why she decided to unnecessarily rip her son’s teeth out.

As one would imagine, the mother was taken into custody and is currently behind bars. She has been charged with one count of child abuse and a second-degree felony for “intentionally or knowingly inflict serious physical injury upon a child.”

Hopefully, in the meantime, these boys can relax and rest easy knowing that their abusive mother can’t hurt them while she’s locked in a cage. However, there is some worry about what will happen when she is eventually released.

Let’s just pray that her kids aren’t returned to this mother, thereby enabling her to hurt them in bizarre and excruciating ways once again. If ever there was a time to say that someone wasn’t fit to be a parent, this is it. This woman has no right looking after children.