Cops Serve Woman With Eviction Papers, Rancid Smell Leads Them To Disgusting Discovery

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Cops Serve Woman With Eviction Papers, Rancid Smell Leads Them To Disgusting Discovery
The woman’s home (left), a stock photo for visual representation (right)

Police officers showed up to a woman’s home in New Mexico to serve her eviction papers. However, once she opened the door, they were met with a rancid smell which led them to quite the disgusting discovery hidden inside her closet.

An unnamed woman was completely unaware that she was about to be evicted from her home. When Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies showed up at her door, her life changed forever. In fact, the instant the door opened, the deputies knew something was wrong as they were quickly overwhelmed by a rancid smell.

They immediately decided to conduct a search of the home to solve the mystery of what was causing the putrid odor. After several moments, they located a walk-in-closet within the home where the smell seemed to be originating from. Unfortunately, they were left horrified to make quite the disgusting discovery inside – the dead body of the woman’s husband.

The man was found “laying with his head on a pillow and blankets tucked in around him,” according to Inside Edition, but it gets worse. His remains were found mummified, as he had passed back in April 2015. When questioned, the woman admitted that she didn’t know how to deal with his death. She has since been taken to a mental health facility for evaluation and treatment.

Unfortunately, her husband’s son, Thomas Huerta, had no idea that his father had passed. “I try not to think about it. It is very difficult,” he admitted, according to Hawaii News Now. Thomas currently lives in California but had attempted to make a surprise visit to his father last October to introduce his parents to his pregnant girlfriend. When no one answered his knocks at the door, he was more than disappointed. However, to his horror, he now knows, “Not only she was in there, but so was his mummified corpse.”

Upon questioning, the woman admitted that her husband suffered from chronic back pain and often slept in the closet. Of course, the police are currently trying to determine the true cause of death and whether the woman is to be charged in his death.

There’s no telling how long this deranged woman would have kept her husband’s corpse inside her home. Although it is understandable that she felt heartbroken after his death, there’s no reason to keep his corpse for two long years. Everyone deserves a proper burial after death, and sadly, his own wife kept him from that basic act of respect.

Obviously, the case is still under investigation, and if the woman was responsible for his death, she will undoubtedly get time behind bars. However, it seems this man may have died from natural causes and had a significant other who couldn’t deal with his death. Regardless, this woman is in need of some mental help if she was able to live in a home with a mummified corpse for so long. Thankfully, the police stepped in and put an end to this disturbing incident.