Muslims Demand Councilman Resign For ‘Islamophobic’ Posts — He Shut Them Up With 2 Words

After a councilman made some social media posts that were critical of Islam, Muslims demanded his resignation for his “Islamophobic” remarks. However, he had two explosive words for them instead.

Muslims Demand Councilman Resign For 'Islamophobic' Posts — He Shut Them Up With 2 Words
Councilman John Grasso (right) not only doubled down on his remarks opposing Islam, but he also had 2 specific words for Muslim critics calling for his resignation. (Photo credit: ANDREW STUART/AFP/Getty Images, Screenshot via YouTube)

In the West, the Muslim minority demands special privilege and accommodations for their religious compulsions. In Muslim-majority countries, however, religious minorities are considered fortunate if they manage to avoid corporal punishment, prison, or mob justice, much less obtain the right to freely practice their religions.

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Of course, the vocal Muslim minority knows that demanding tolerance and appeasement is a way to “subdue” the unbelievers, as the Quran commands, in an effort to steadily implement Sharia law. The Muslim minority has their legal watchdogs to pursue legal action against anyone who dares offend their sensibilities.

On October 2, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked Anne Arundel County Councilman John Grasso to issue an apology or resign from his second district seat for making multiple anti-Islamic posts on Facebook. However, CAIR’s Maryland representative Zainab Chaudry said she was surprised when the councilman not only “doubled down” on his comments but issued an unexpected 2-word message to the terror-tied organization.

According to Capital Gazette, Councilman John Grasso not only refused to apologize for his anti-Islamic remarks but, when CAIR demanded his resignation, he shut down his Muslim critics, saying, “Screw CAIR” and that he isn’t backing down no matter what threats they issue.

“Screw CAIR. I don’t give a crap about them,” Grasso said.

“I don’t treat anybody different than anybody else,” Grasso told WJZ. “I see a person until proven different.”

When asked if he’d “consider removing” the posts that are offensive to Muslims, Grasso unhesitantly replied, “No, because I believe in freedom of speech and people have the right to say what they are going to say.”

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Expectedly, CAIR and its Muslim constituents were outraged and shocked that Grasso refused to apologize, as they are accustomed to those they attack kowtowing. Expressing her surprise, Chaudry insinuated that Grasso must not be allowed to hold a political seat unless he refrains from speaking critically of Islam, which is forbidden according to Sharia blasphemy laws.

“It was very clear that he harbored animosity toward Muslims and towards Islam. I tried to talk to him to help address some of his concerns and comments about Muslims specifically but he didn’t want to hear anything I had to say,” Chaudry said.

Chaudry said that offended individuals reached out to CAIR when they first saw Grasso’s “Islamophobic” posts, beginning with a comment about the Pledge of Allegiance.

Grasso’s series of posts started on Sept. 14 when he shared a photo that read, “One nation under God, Not Allah. America is not a Muslim nation. America is not an Islamic nation. America is a Christian nation.”

Two days later, he shared another photo that read, “Let this sink in … The same state department that found it impossible to rescue 4 Americans in Benghazi now tells us they will rescue 200,000 muslims and give them our benefits and housing free of charge. Your government no longer has your best interest in mind.”

Grasso confirmed he posted the image and said he agreed with the sentiment. “It’s pretty amazing how we can let four Americans die, but then we can go and rescue a bunch of other people.”

Grasso has also stated that he is against injecting religion in the public education system after sharing an article titled: “Share if you think President Trump should ban Islam in American Schools.”

Perhaps the most remarkable detail of the incident involving Grasso is that he initially said that not all of the posts expressed his beliefs and that he was simply sharing them to inspire critical thought. However, after CAIR and its supporters demanded he denounce the comments, he became determined to defend the sentiments for the sake of free speech.

Of course, those on the political left don’t care about context. The critics of Islam must be squashed, just as they are in Muslim-majority countries under Sharia law.

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John Grasso is exactly the kind of individual we need in the political arena — one who defends our right to express our beliefs but isn’t intimidated by thugs who work tirelessly to strip Americans of their First Amendment rights.

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