Stop The Count!: Trump Goes On Major Offensive, Patriots Claim Dead People Voted

President Donald Trump went on a major offensive as his team attorneys got a major win in a Philadelphia court battle after Democrats were accused of making a huge mathematical error. However, the other big story is in Arizona and Nevada where the president defied the pollsters once again. We’ve got all the updates including patriots who allegedly found dead people voting. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Trump team surrogates Corey Lewandowski and Pam Bondi, who is the former attorney general of Florida, rode into Philadelphia on Wednesday with Eric Trump and Rudy Guiliani. Early Thursday morning, the president tweeted: “STOP THE COUNT!”

And that’s what happened. Trump’s surrogates were successful in filing a court motion to ensure GOP poll watchers would have appropriate access to view the vote tabulation. Lewandowski and Bondi held a press conference on Thursday morning after being victorious in getting the court order.

“Vote counting in Philly has halted. Judge issues order allowing observers within 6 feet of ballot counting. #Winning,” Lewandowski tweeted.

The court order also caused vote counting to halt. Biden’s team is claiming there are 750,000 outstanding mail-in ballots left in Pennslyvania. According to pollster Richard Baris and other esteemed analysts, this makes no sense.

“We’ve been seeing 92 percent or greater for over 24 hours,” Baris said. “We hear this morning there are 750,000 absentee ballots left in the state of Pennslyvania. Just so people understand, about 6.4 million people have voted in the state of Pennslyvania—this is how screwed up this election has been—750,000 absentee ballots is 12 percent of the statewide vote. So why they have been telling us 92 percent or greater for 24 hours…now they are back to telling us 88 percent.”

So far, the New York Times and the Decision Desk Headquarters (DDH) have not changed that number to 88 percent. This is just another suspected fraud happening. In fact, DDH who is the service most major media use for their numbers has Pennslyvania at 99 percent reporting.

In 2008, 2012, and 2016, Pennsylvanians had cast roughly 6 million votes. Right now vote total in Pennslyvania is at 6.4 million. So, the Democrats want us to believe that number goes up by an additional 750,000? Ridiculous.

Ballot counting has also ceased in Arizona after two dumps of ballots coming in from Maricopa County late Wednesday significantly narrowed Biden’s lead to just under 70,000 votes with over 500,00 votes to be counted. Analyst Richard Baris, who got it right in 2016, told Steve Bannon on his live-stream that the votes left in Arizona are from heavily conservative areas.

Backing up those claims is Data Orbital, who posted: “This breakdown is in line with what we are estimating and why we believe @realDonaldTrump will carry AZ. These ballots are heavily Republican and will break in his favor. We estimate about 500k outstanding ballots.”

Data Orbital’s tweet was in response to a post by NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard, who gave an update on the estimated number of Arizona early ballots that were still left to be processed from some counties.

Even leftwing pollster Nate Silver had to agree with Data Orbital’s assessment of Arizona. 

“Here’s what’s left to count in AZ. At first glance, this would seem quite bad for Trump since it’s largely mail ballots *but* mail ballots that arrived late in the process are considerably more R by party registration than the ones that arrived earlier,” Silver tweeted.

Team Trump isn’t gambling in Nevada.

Trump surrogates Ric Grenell and Matt Schlapp are in Nevada where they announced a lawsuit filed. Voters came forward with horror stories of going to the polls and finding out their ballot had already been cast. Grenell claimed: “What the Harry Reid machine has done is to throw out recklessly ballots and now they don’t want us to count those ballots. Dead people are voting.”

“We are seeing discrepancies all over Clark County,” Grenell added. Clark County, which is Nevada’s biggest county in population, reported over 10,000 votes cast that the Trump team is saying did not make the residency requirement. In other words, votes were cast by people who did not live there for a minimum amount of days to be eligible.

One elderly Nevada resident, Jill Stokke, claimed: “I went to vote and was told I already voted. In years past I always voted in person. This time they mailed out the ballot and somebody took my ballot. They also took the ballot of my roommate.”

Meanwhile, patriots are fighting back.

“Turns out 118 year old ‘William Bradley’ voted via absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan. William Bradley died in 1984. How long has this been going on? Try it for yourself,” tweeted “Essential Fleccas.”

“AND ANOTHER: 120 year old Terry Mathis (born 1900) apparently voted via absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan as well. It gets crazier. It says this person applied for an absentee ballot on 11/2/20, the ballot was then sent out AND returned in the same day (11/2/20). How??” posted “Essential Fleccas.”

He also added a video showing how he plugs in the name and year of birth and boom, it shows that these dead people seemingly voted in the 2020 presidential election.

“ANOTHER ANOTHER ONE: Apparently Donna Brydges (born in 1901) voted via absentee ballot in Mason County, Michigan. That would make her 119 years old! More #deadvoters #stopthesteal,” tweeted “Essential Fleccas.”

“ANOTHER ONE: Apparently June Aiken (born in 1900) voted via absentee ballot in Jackson County, Michigan. That would make them 120 years old!” he added.

Fox News remains defiant. They refuse to acknowledge they made a massive mistake in calling Arizona on Election Night when the polls had not yet closed.

Conservatives pundits are pointing out this has now become a war of information with Fox News hellbent on making sure that “Arizona call” does not get overturned.

However, the Democrats and their media allies’ plan has now been thwarted by the Trump team. Stay tuned. This fight is just getting started as patriots across the country are turning up in those key states holding “Stop the Steal” protests.

UPDATE: Corey Lewandoski posts video saying the Philly Democrats are refusing to abide by the court order: 

The Democrats know they have been caught redhanded. They know this fraud being conducted in several key states is about to be exposed. Stay strong and do not back down, my fellow Americans.

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