Video of “Counter Protesters” Surface, Here’s the Real Face of “the Enemy”

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The left-wing media made a big deal about the “United the Right 2” rally in DC. While the event was fairly small, the resistance was overwhelming. A reporter recorded video of the caliber of people who make up the left’s army. It was very revealing.

Antifa promises swift vengeance on the president. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Daily Caller)

We might not understand why the liberal media spends so much time talking about white supremacists. You’d think that they wouldn’t want to give open racists all that air time. But it makes sense when you think about it.

Only a small number of people in America are actually white supremacists or self-proclaimed “Neo-Nazis.” But the liberal media — whose only goal is to hurt President Donald Trump — has tried to portray all conservatives as white supremacists. Popular conservative figures have been branded “Nazis.” To back this claim, the media spends plenty of time hyping up the actions of real racists.

But as it turns out, there are barely enough white supremacists to fill a bus station. Sunday’s “Unite the Right 2” rally in DC could only muster 30 supporters. Hardly headline news. There are more people at a flat earth convention than that. Yet the mainstream media wants you very concerned over this.

What was more surprising about the weekend’s event was the massive turnout of “counter-protesters,” also known as rioters. The left’s favorite army of young, stupid, and stoned thugs, Antifa, was on hand to threaten anyone they didn’t like.

Antifa has been all but celebrated by Democrats and the media. They claim this group is simply exercising their rights to oppose “fascist” Trump. Yet this very group uses violence to try to intimidate and silence regular Americans. Liberals love that. They would prefer Antifa burned down our cities than have a patriot salute the flag or vote for Trump.

But a reporter went around talking to the so-called resistance. The video he captured revealed the caliber and quality of the people so determined to stop Trump.

Needless to say, I’m not worried.

So I decided to ask the protesters what they would do were they to meet president Trump. Specifically, I asked “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?” The answers I received stunned me. In my short time at the rally, approximately one hour, half a dozen protesters looked into my camera and threatened to physically harm or “murder the president.”

Some said they wanted to “do him like Gaddafi” in reference to the Libyan leader that was dragged into the street, beaten and murdered by his own people…

The actions mirror those of progressive protests around the country Sunday – where journalists were attacked, property was vandalized and cops were arresting progressive protesters by the dozen for violent behavior. There is violence on both sides. [Source: Daily Caller]

It sounds terrifying. But just a quick glance at these people reveals the kind of unwashed, ignorant, and clearly intoxicated types the left is relying on, these days.

These are out-of-work, young, and uneducated buffoons. They are not patriots. They have not served our country in any way. One might wager they never finished high school.

They probably never vote or have even the remotest idea of what’s going on in our country. They are simply pawns for the left. They are thugs called in to start trouble and get attention. Then, it’s back to living in their parent’s basement, smoking bowls and playing Xbox.

Should we really be worried about people like this?

The fact that the left is relying on these people to make headlines should tell you something. Democrats are getting so desperate that they are relying on thugs and losers to help them. They can no longer hope for regular Americans, families, blue-collar folks, and patriotic citizens to support them. Liberals are scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find anyone who will trash Trump.

Pitting the likes of these against Trump’s highly-trained Secret Service agents? Yeah, no contest.

Be sure to share this story with everyone you know. Everyone must know: these are the kinds of people helping the left, these days. Let’s make Democrats famous for their allies.