Couple Said It’s Just A Vet Clinic, But Cops Horrified By What It Really Was

Couple Said It's Just A Vet Clinic, Cops Horrified By What It Really Was
Investigation at Shoop’s property uncovered a gruesome scene

A couple in Pennsylvania kept a lot of animals at their property and were always accepting more while advertising that they were running a veterinarian clinic. But when a concerned citizen in the area noticed something strange toward the back of the house, something didn’t seem right. Soon, police swarmed the property and weren’t entirely prepared for the heinous sight they walked in on.

Clyde “Renny” Shoop and his wife Kimberly Shoop seemed like your average, down-to-earth country folk, but they were hiding a lot of skeletons behind the doors of the Poco West Vet Clinic in the town of Jim Thorpe. Pennsylvania State Police received an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen in the community, who said they saw something strange about a horse on the couple’s property. That single call led authorities into a decaying den of animal cruelty and filth where this otherwise unassuming couple frolicked.

The tipster told police that they saw a dead horse at the Shoop’s clinic, and it appeared to have been deceased for some time. When investigators arrived to the property, the dead horse was just the tip of the iceberg. A slew of animal carcasses, littered about the property for as far as the eye could see, were uncovered. Mixed among a massive variety of different types of dead animals were a number of severely struggling large creatures, including 16 horses belonging to the Shoop’s.

Couple Said It's Just A Vet Clinic, Cops Horrified By What It Really Was
One of Shoop’s dying horses

KOMO News reports, “Police and DEFHR officials determined that nine of the 16 horses were in critical condition. Five of those critically ill horses were seized that day as well as an emaciated calf, a severely dehydrated pig, a wild turkey and six dogs.” But that was just the start.

The couple didn’t bother to properly dispose of what amounts to about a farm-full of decomposing animals, including six horses, a goat, a dog, two sheep and a lamb. Authorities also discovered 20 sheep, 10 dogs, a calf, a pig, a raccoon, a wild turkey, two alligators, and a boa constrictor which were all emaciated and roaming the property, the newspaper added.

A team from Maryland, who are part of the Days End Farm Horse Rescue, was called to the scene to rescue what animals they could, and they took in at least ten horses, more sheep, and a dog. On Wednesday, the Shoop’s were hit with 11 counts of animal cruelty, which is the least they should be facing.

Those who commit crimes against animals need to be closely evaluated, because if it’s a potential precursor to what these individuals are capable of doing to humans. The Shoop’s should be considered for extensive mental evaluation, because stable people don’t take in armies of animals, mistreat them, and then live among the dead and dying creatures.