Couple Posts Videos As They Do Nasty Things To Kids, But Their Sentence Is Even Sicker

While so many good couples are unable to have children, it’s truly saddening that sickos who have been blessed with kids see their little ones as nothing more than objects for abuse. One such depraved man and woman, who don’t deserve to have children, filmed themselves doing nasty things to their kids and then posted it on the internet, but what’s sicker than their actions is the sentence they received.

Couple Who Recorded Themselves Doing Sick Thing to Kids Gets Slapped by the Law
After Mike Martin (left) and his wife Heather (right) were caught filming themselves doing nasty things to their young children and posting it online, they got what they deserve. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Youtube)

According to the Baltimore Sun, a Maryland couple was caught running a perverse Youtube Channel called “DaddyOFive,” in which the husband and wife regularly filmed themselves abusing, berating, and taunting their five children. The couple has since been sentenced to only five years of probation. Should they violate it, they can face up to 10 years in prison, which seems a more fitting outcome for these bottom dwellers.

Husband-wife tag-team Michael and Heather Martin of Ijamsville, Maryland, made more than 300 videos for their disgusting channel, whose uploads have since been deleted. Instead of making something wholesome for viewers, the Martins repeatedly recorded themselves treating their kids cruelly — and, worse, treating it as a big joke.

In one of the videos, Michael Martin is seen pushing his son Cody into a bookcase, giving him a bloody nose. He then orders one of his stepsons to slap his daughter as part of a “game.” In another video, the couple destroys their children’s Xbox while cursing at two of the kids.

Fortunately, there were sane people on Youtube who became aware of the situation and did the appropriate thing, calling the police. Child Protective Services got hold of the kids and assessed their mental state. Sadly, the neuropsychologist who saw the children determined that 11-year-old Emma and ten-year-old Cody (Martin’s biological children and Heather’s step children) had experienced “observable, identifiable, and substantial impairments of their mental or psychological ability to function.”

The Martins are now not only under probation but have also had two of their children taken away. Emma and Cody have been taken out of their custody and now live with their biological mother, Rose Hall. Under the court order, the Martins may not contact Emma, Cody, or Hall unless the court first grants them written permission. They are also no longer allowed to post photos or videos of the two kids on social media.

Unfortunately, the other three children in the household were not part of the investigation, which means they will remain with those two abusers. As expected, these two degenerates are only sorry they were caught. These people never change.

As USA Today reports, Mike Martin tried to justify his abusive behavior by claiming he was doing it to earn money for his family via monetized Youtube videos. “Because of my poor decisions, now my family’s suffering,” Mike Martin said. “I was able to do so many things for my family because of this YouTube channel. We were able to give the kids a college fund … [But] I ended up destroying my family thinking that I was helping my family.”

Frederick County Assistant State Attorney General Lindy Angel said what sane Americans everywhere feel: “I think everyone’s interests are served, both the Martins as defendants and the state’s interest in protecting the children. I think it was a fair result for everyone.”

It’s good the children are in safe hands now. But, the sentences are honestly too light for these abusers. They deserve to be locked up where they will never see the light of day again — and have done to them what they did to the kids. We need to stop crime by being tough on criminals, especially when it comes to protecting innocent children.

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