Fed-Up Cowboys Owner Has Nasty Surprise For NFL, Roger Goodell’s No Longer Laughing

The national anthem protesting by the overpaid, racist athletes has gained the attention of proud Americans, and not in a good way. Week after week, as the protests continue, fans have shown just how sick they are of watching players “take a knee” as many of them, who once loved the sport, have chosen to turn off the NFL. Tired of watching football fans turn away, thanks to those in the NFL who won’t put a stop to these protests, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a nasty surprise for the NFL, and Roger Goodell certainly isn’t laughing anymore about the antics he let slide.

Jerry Jones (left) has a nasty surprise for the NFL if they extend the contract for commissioner Roger Goodell (right). (Photo Credit: Kevin Cox/Getty Images Sports/Getty Images, Screengrab/YouTube)

Whining NFL players have become notorious for their need to fight so-called social justice and alleged racism while on the football field, all while disrespecting as many people as possible along the way. Luckily, not everyone is taking it.

In fact, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of them who’s just about had it, and if the NFL chooses to give a contract extension to commissioner Roger Goodell, who has wholly embarrassed the franchise by failing to lead the NFL in positive change, Jones is going to give the leagues something they certainly don’t want.

Jones has been extremely vocal about his stance regarding the anthem protests. Back in week five, he told a reporter, “We cannot in the NFL, in any way, give the implication that we tolerate disrespecting the flag, we cannot do that. I know the vice president did leave because, in his opinion, the teams were. We know that there is a serious debate in this country about those issues. But there is no question in my mind that the National Football League and the Dallas Cowboys are going to stand up for the flag. Just so we’re clear,” Yahoo Sports reports.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the NFL franchise is on the same page as Jones. In fact, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seems to hold the opposite sentiments, and it’s ticking people off. Goodell’s lack of leadership when it comes to the National Anthem protests doesn’t just have people fed-up, it has Jones so disgusted that he is on his way to sue the league if they give Goodell a contract extension.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has threatened to sue the National Football League if a contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell is approved by the league’s compensation committee, sources told Outside the Lines.

A team owner and a team executive told Outside the Lines that Jones has hired David Boies, the famed New York lawyer who represented Vice President Al Gore in the deadlocked 2000 presidential election — and who led the NFL’s court case during a dispute over the 2011 collective bargaining agreement negotiations. [Source: ESPN]

As the controversy surrounding the NFL and the National Anthem continues, it is refreshing to finally see someone like Jones, who has some pull, stand up for what is important and demand that the NFL returns to focusing on what they do best — football.

Jones has laid down the law once with his own team, and he is now doubling down as the entitled athletes continue to throw their tantrums, ruining the NFL and running it into the ground. Goodell has been an utter disgrace to the NFL and our country by being too much of a coward to stand up to players and let them know that protesting on the job simply isn’t going to be tolerated.

Instead of making a simple statement when this whole thing erupted, telling the players to stand up and shut up, he has turned it into a total circus. Football was once America’s favorite pastime, somewhere to get away from all the politics and troubles in the world and just watch some guys throwing around the pigskin, but instead, Goodell has politicized the sport and caused a divide.

The only division there should ever be in football is which team you are cheering for. A little friendly rivalry with family or friends who support your team’s opposition was good, old-fashioned fun. Players instigating a political debate before the game even starts is not. Finally, we have someone like Jones doing something about it and being the voice of reason. Go Cowboys!

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