WATCH: Man Sees “Crackhead” Holding Something Nasty, Then She Says What She Has Planned

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A shocking video has emerged on the internet of a crackhead woman walking down the sidewalk while holding something nasty in her arms. When a man nearby notices what it is, he immediately starts recording, and that’s when she tells everyone what she has planned for her bedroom.

Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: WSH)

Welcome back to the American ghetto where deranged druggies will pick up anything off the ground, dead or alive, and give it a forever home. The viral clip now spreading across social media shows how absolutely detached from reality one woman is as a bystander records the incident on his phone.

The man recording the video appears to know the woman or is at least acquainted with her in the way that someone would be on the streets. When the video begins, the man notices that she has something in her arms. The moment he realizes what it is, he’s absolutely shocked.

“What the hell you say did, what happened?” the man asks. “What that is in your hands?”

The woman looks up with the most vacuous stare in her eyes and simply says, “An owl bro. A United State Of America Owl.”

I’ve heard of horned owls and seen plenty of barn owls, but I’ve never seen a “United States of America Owl” until this video popped up on LiveLeak. Sadly, what she really has is a dead owl.

The woman turns the dead owl over and exclaims, “They shot my G*d damn bird.” The man recording the video still can’t believe she is walking around cuddling a dead owl like it’s a baby.

“Man, you walk around with a real owl in your G*d damn, and you walk around with that m***** f****** like it’s a baby,” he says.

The woman replies, “Yeah, this is my second baby, my first baby in the womb.” Then, the crackhead turns to another man who stopped to watch the spectacle and says, “B*tch, I’m gonna bust you in the head.”

The man recording the video follows her and can be heard saying, “This m****** f****** is crazy, I ain’t gonna lie but she got a good heart like a m***** f*****.”

What does that mean exactly? She has a good heart because she’s carrying a dead animal and is likely going to become the carrier of whatever parasites or natural microorganisms that are helping to decompose the dead owl? I’d go with the assumption that she’s just crazy and on drugs.

This is when the man loses his patience and demands, “Go bury that thing.”

The crackhead then announces her plans for the dead owl as she declares, “I’m going to put this in my room,” adding that she’s going to decapitate it. Then, the man tells her that the dead owl probably has fleas and tells her again to bury it.

Oddly enough, the man telling the woman to go bury the owl takes a moment to touch it before she shows him where she says someone shot it in the back of the head. “Where they shot it at?” he says as she moves the owl’s feathers to show him the wound.

By this time, the man has seen enough. “Momma, you go take that bird somewhere,” he says as she pets it and then hugs it close. Before leaving, the crackhead tells the man she is half Black and half Chinese, which has nothing to do with the dead owl whatsoever. Her erratic behavior and misplaced affection for the dead animal is an obvious sign that the lights are all on, but nobody is home. The man recording her ends the clip as he says, “Alright momma, I’m gone, momma.”

People need to stop doing drugs, and that’s more than apparent when they are picking up dead animals that they find laying on the ground. I wonder what stage of decomposition the owl’s carcass reached before even the crackhead decided it was a mistake to keep it? On the other hand, part of me thinks that she may have just added it to a collection of dead things she keeps in her bedroom.

In all seriousness, if this video doesn’t have you saying no to drugs, not much will. I mean, can you imagine sobering up, just to find yourself cuddling with a dead animal in your bedroom?

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