Crazed Lib Attacks Trump Tower With Odd Weapon, Learns BIG Mistake Too Late

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Crazed Lib Attacks Trump Tower With Odd Weapon, Learns BIG Mistake Too Late
Travis Moonschein (left), NYPD responding to the threat at Trump Tower in New York (right)

The left is getting out of hand these days, and a crazed liberal proved just that recently when he decided to attack Trump Tower in New York with an unusual weapon. Unfortunately for him, things would quickly take a turn for the worse – and the man would only learn just how big of a mistake he had made once it was too late.

Travis Moonschein is a 36-year-old who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is now known for his severe dislike of President Donald Trump. Although he was previously unknown, for the most part, the bizarre leftists decided to head down to the president’s namesake tower and give him a piece of his mind.

After picking up a carton of eggs, Moonschein gave Trump the what for as he began hurling eggs at the building’s front – a full 200 miles away from where Trump was located at the time. However, things still wouldn’t exactly turn out well for the liberal when he didn’t make the clean get away that he was hoping for.

As it turns out, a few nearby police officers saw what Moonschein was doing and quickly rushed in to arrest him just a few eggs into the attack. Although officers have yet to release the man’s motives for the criminal act, they did say that the entitled punk was charged with criminal tampering and littering.

According to officials, the man posed no threat to Trump, seeing how the president was in D.C. at the time and hasn’t been home since his inauguration back in January. Officers also said that no one was injured in the events that played out.

Many people on the left side of the political spectrum seem to have forgotten that actions have consequences. Although this reality was strongly disregarded over the past 8 years, it has never gone away.

Fortunately, the law is once again being enforced to its fullest and, even better yet, is once again blind – just the way it should be. It doesn’t matter how entitled you think you are to commit crimes on others because you feel justified to do so, you’re not. If you break the law, you will be punished.

As for Moonschein, he likely won’t see too much time behind bars, but his case proves the point none the less. Your rights as a free American end when you infringe on the rights of others – and yes, that includes destroying their property. There is a new dawn upon us, and the liberal brats of this country better get used to being held accountable for their actions.