WATCH: Crazed Woman Fires At Cop Car, Finds Out What Horsepower Feels Like

[WATCH] Crazed Woman Fires At Cop Car, Finds Out What Horsepower Feels Like
Pictured: Police dashcam screen capture of fugitive Madison Dickson
Madison Dickson had been on the run for days after shooting multiple people, including one man in the head, and her family warned that she would not be taken alive. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of shooting again at a police car, apparently forgetting that a cop cruiser can move much faster than she could run, and she quickly regretted her decision.

Family and longtime friends of Dickson say that “this is not the girl we grew up with.” She was a good person growing up, but as an adult, she became connected to an Irish Mob Gang, eventually embarking on a harrowing crime spree. She had become addicted to drugs, trying to rehab and get clean. After failing to defeat her addiction, things rapidly deteriorated for her.

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The Tulsa Police Department reports that Dickson started out the week by shooting a man in the head. Reportedly, she asked the man for a ride, then pulled a gun on him and tried to steal his car. The man is now recovering.

Prior to shooting the innocent driver, Dickson fired shots at a local Walgreens and a Best Buy. She then went to a movie theater and pointed her gun at the employees there.

As her bizarre spree continued, Dickson went on the run, eventually encountering police near 89th and South Harvard streets in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She fired shots and started to run. Dashcam footage shows Dickson repeatedly pointing the gun at officers. They fired shots back at her but did not hit her — however, something else did.

Watch video of the insane encounter below:

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On their Facebook page, police report that Dickson died after being struck by the cruiser. The three officers involved have been placed on routine leave until both the internal investigation and the criminal investigation are complete. The District Attorney’s office will determine whether the use of deadly force was justified.

It was a sad end for Dickson, who was a good person before she developed a drug addiction. Clearly, she became out of control and, perhaps, even wanted to die. It is a sad reminder of what drugs can do to a person. Hopefully, others can learn from the tragic mistakes of Dickson and others like her. We pray that her family and friends are able to find peace.

As for the officers, it’s never an easy decision to use deadly force. In this case, the video evidence seems clear. If you don’t want the cops to kill you, don’t aim a deadly weapon and fire it at them. Although running her down with the cruiser may seem unconventional to citizens, it was Dickson herself who gave police little choice. She had to be neutralized before she hurt someone else, and if you can’t hit a moving target while also driving a car, it only makes sense for police to use the cruiser as a means of bringing down the suspect instead.

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While some will obviously criticize their actions, saying maybe there could have been another way, we must remember that, had she not been stopped, there may have also been another victim shot in the head who wouldn’t have been lucky enough to be recovering. Hopefully, the investigators tasked with the decision about the officers’ fate will also see it that way. As they undoubtedly lose sleep, not only concerned about their own futures but also coping with the fact they were forced to take another human’s life, our thoughts and prayers are with them as well.