Crazy Hillary Clinton Is Back, And What She Just Did Will Make Your Blood Boil

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Is it still 2016? I could have sworn the calendar says 2018. Yet, we still have to sit and listen to the rantings of loser Hillary Clinton. This woman refuses to go quietly into the night. Instead, she’s back again, and what she just did will make your blood boil.

Hillary Clinton (left) and President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

We’re getting to the point where average Americans are beginning to hate the Democrats. Yes, it’s wrong to hate people, but when an entire political party behaves like deranged children, how else can you respond? Every last one of them, from Chuck Schumer to Maxine Waters, rants like maniacs. They seem to have no grip on reality. Instead, they continue to make wild and bogus claims about America, Republicans, and the President of the United States.

Obviously, worst of them all is the loser, Hillary Clinton. She just can’t get over how she lost the election to Donald Trump. Her dreams of taking over America — dictator-style — were crushed for good. You’d think she would just humbly accept that reality and retire, go buy a house with her ill-gotten money, and start gardening or something.

Not this woman. Her ego — and debts to powerful donors — requires that she explain her election loss. After going on a blame-tour last year and publishing a bogus book, she’s back again, making wild claims. Of course, she is blaming, as per usual, misogyny and sexism for her loss because there aren’t any other reasons Americans wanted this criminal far, far away from the White House.

Hillary Clinton on Monday returned to blaming “misogyny” and “sexism” for contributing to her 2016 election loss, during a Washington appearance that followed a critical report on how she handled sexual harassment allegations during her 2008 campaign.

Clinton presented the “Human Rights Awards” Monday at Georgetown University, where she sits as honorary founding chair of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security.

Clinton spoke about the importance of female leadership in advancing human rights, justice and peace, and went on to discuss the 2016 election during a panel segment. [Source: Fox News]

“Any of you who’ve read my book about ‘what happened’ know that I think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign — it was one of the contributing factors,” Hillary told the audience at Georgetown while she was there to present the “Human Rights Awards.”

She added, “Some of it was old-fashioned sexism and the refusal to accept the equality of women, and certainly the equality of women’s leadership.”

No, you lying cow, it’s because you’re a comic-book level super villain, on par with Lex Luther and Two Face. You’ve had a terrible reputation since the 70’s. People who meet you in person have very little good to say. As Secretary of State, you let American soldiers and a diplomat die in Benghazi. Not to mention the scandals surrounding your closest advisers and your illegal email server. Oh, and there’s this little thing about the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

But, no, “old-fashioned” sexism cost you the election. Sorry, but just being a woman doesn’t automatically make you eligible for the White House. Most people voted for Donald Trump because he’s a successful businessman who was promising to put America first in order to make America great again. He didn’t have a laundry list of crimes that made voters scared to even think about him.

I choked when I saw she was giving out “Human Rights Awards.” Her? This is the woman who robbed an entire country — Haiti — out of relief aid, then went on to undermine their elections, letting a pop star become president. This is the woman who ignores the cries of her husband’s victims and a woman who used the State Department as her personal slush fund,

Yeah, she knows plenty about human rights. In that, she knows how to violate them.

Now, we learn she ignored sex abuse accusations within her own campaign. Women were being harassed by staff. Hillary Clinton ignored the news. She merely “shifted” the violator to a new role in her campaign. You’d think a “champion” of human rights would have fired the guy with extreme prejudice. I guess Clinton operates under a “Do as I say, not as I do,” policy.

The fact that she continues to make excuses for her loss tells you everything you need to know about the woman. She’s petty, vindictive, selfish, and self-centered. She will never get over losing the election to Donald Trump. And, she will continue to punish us with her complaints until her last day on earth. For a feminist, she really fills the role of a nagging housewife, doesn’t she? Not very progressive of her.