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Cop Gives Hitchhiker A Ride, Results In More Than He Ever Could Have Expected

While patrolling the highways of a mountainous area in California, CHP Officer Nathan Taylor saw a man by himself, attempting to hitchhike his way back to town. Rather than stopping to harass him, Taylor offered to give the guy a ride. After dropping him off, the officer didn’t see it coming, but that ride resulted in much more than he could have ever expected. […]

Mom Has Bad Feeling About Ex's New Lover, Sick When She Realizes Who She Is
Cops & Criminals

Mom Has Bad Feeling About Ex’s New Lover, Sick When She Realizes Who She Is

From the start of her ex husband’s new relationship with another woman, Erica Hammel always got an “off” feeling about the live-in girlfriend. Unable to pinpoint what her gut was trying to tell her, she continued sending her son to his dad’s house for overnight visits, until realizing who this woman was when she got a phone call she wasn’t expecting. […]

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Mom Sees Something Strange In Girl’s Hair, Looks At Her Boyfriend In Horror

As a mom went to pull the covers up over her sleeping daughter, she noticed something strange about the side of her child’s head. The girl had been out late the night before with her mom’s boyfriend, so the mother looked at her man in horror, demanding to know what happened in her absence. Unfortunately, she would learn it was far worse than she thought. […]