Chilling Video: Thugs Prove Criminals Can & Will Outsmart Liberal Gun Laws

The left is constantly telling us that universal background checks, universal registration laws, and more gun free zones will solve the problem of shootings in America. Their entire theory has just been blown out of the water, and the proof was captured on a high-resolution security camera, as thugs proved once again that criminals can and will outsmart any and all liberal gun laws.

In two minutes, 10 criminals were able to steal 50 weapons from a gun store, with no background check, absolutely stunning liberals who are certain criminals follow the law. After breaking the law against unauthorized entry and theft, the chances of these thugs abiding by “gun free zone” signs are almost next to none. No law stopped the criminals from going through with their quest to steal as many guns as possible from the store in Houston, Texas.

Authorities are saying thefts from FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealers are on the rise all over the country. A number of reasons lead to increases in thefts at gun stores, and more stringent gun laws are among them. If a person cannot get a gun legally and wants one bad enough, they will get one illegally, often during a heist.

“We’re seeing an uptick, not just in Houston and Harris County, but around the country,” said Robert Elder, Special Agent In-Charge at Houston’s ATF offices.

So far, only a handful of the weapons have been recovered from crime scenes, after the criminals sold the guns to other law breakers for cash, and only a few of those involved in the initial heist have been arrested. “Some [of the stolen guns] have been found at homicide scenes,” Elder said. “You’ve got a criminal element that needs firearms to commit their crimes, sometimes associated with the drug trade or robberies.”

Police also say it is disturbing that ten thugs were involved because it means there are several people distributing stolen guns for cash all over the city and possibly even further away.

Cue in the liberals to blame the gun store owner for only locking his store up so tight that the gate could be pulled down with a pickup. Has is sunk in yet, liberals? Criminals do not now, nor will they ever, follow your laws. This situation proves without a doubt that the left’s gun laws only affect those willing to follow them, and it’s no wonder gun owners continue to push back. Good luck in your gun free zones now that 50 more weapons have instantly flooded into the hands of criminals.

H/T [ABC13]