Bragging Criminals Make HUGE Mistake With Stolen IPad, Pay The Price

In Texas, a pair of idiot Houston criminals made quite the mistake after stealing a man’s Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer, an iPad, and $5,000 cash. The thieves reportedly went to an area Burger King and took a video along with a few photos in celebration.

Unbeknownst to them, they captured incriminating evidence of themselves as their video and photos were being uploaded to their victim’s iCloud account, which was still linked to the technology they’d stolen.

It all started when Texas resident Randy Schaefer came to the realization that his truck had been broken into. “Just frustrated. I felt violated,” Schaefer explained after the theft. “I was frustrated and I just kind of wrote everything off as lost.”

Little did he know his luck was about to turn around. On the Friday after the break in, he discovered that 17 photos had been uploaded to his iCloud photo stream. After going in to his account to see what the pictures were, Schaefer saw a series of photos portraying two men with stacks of $100 bills fanned out for the camera. He quickly came to the realization that the criminals who took his belongings apparently had a celebration selfie session of sorts.

According to ABC7, the men were also seen flashing a “west side” gang sign as well. “At first I wondered who they were, and then within seconds I realized who they were and I saw that they had my money in their mouth,” Schaefer recalled. “I think they felt elated that they got away with such a big score.”

Idiot Criminals Make HUGE Mistake With Stolen IPad, Pay The Price

Schaefer said that after noticing that the pictures were taken at a nearby Burger King, he went to the location and was able to verify it was where the photos were taken via surveillance camera footage. “Saw from the Burger King cameras that they were back in that store,” he said.

Some of the man’s stolen items were later tracked down and recovered in an alley behind a local Starbucks. This is where Schaefer believes the iPad connected to the Internet and uploaded the photos to the cloud.

Although the young men haven’t been caught quite yet, police most certainly know who they are on account of a quick thinking friend. Shortly after the photos were uploaded, a Reddit user, claiming to be Schaefer’s friend, posted one of the selfies and asked for help identifying the thieves.

The friend, who goes by the username FishiZPr0, was inundated with several tips on the identity of the men in the photo. Eventually, their Facebook profiles were discovered and some claimed the idiots actually posted the video to their social media pages. The information was passed on to police.

Idiot Criminals Make HUGE Mistake With Stolen IPad, Pay The Price

The Redditor later concluded with a comment that read:

Thank you u/EnticingPlague for helping identify these guys and sending us their Facebook profile.

My friend has the video saved and their names.

Thank you to everyone that has helped this be pieced together, more updates when they come.

Feel free to let these morons have it in the comments.

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