Crook Gets Away With Robbing Bank, You’ll Never Believe What Finally Got Him Arrested!

Criminals aren’t known for their smarts. Obviously, to embark on a life of crime, you have to be lacking in common sense and good judgment. We discover this time and again when we learn about the absolutely stupid things criminals do. Proving just that is the story of a man who got away with robbing $5,000 from a local bank. Although he alluded cops for over a year, he eventually did one thing that got their attention and got him arrested. You’re not going to believe this.

Alleged crook Alberto Saavedra Lopez (left inset) alluded cops for over a year after robbing a bank. (Photo Credit: Cottonwood Police Department, Brook Ward/Flickr, Wikimedia Commons)

It’s hard to have sympathy for people who rob banks. Sure, banks like to exploit customers sometimes, but the money that crooks take belongs to hard-working citizens. When they get away with cash, it hurts every customer that is obeying the law.

That’s just the case with alleged crook Alberto Saavedra Lopez. Back in 2016, this man got away with five grand from an Arizona bank. The crime took place over a period of time. Perhaps that made it harder to trace. It was even harder to uncover the crook because Lopez worked for the bank.

He alluded authorities for over a year. I guess he thought he got off scot-free. Maybe he got a little bit of sense and decided he needed a better job. He couldn’t rob banks for a living, I guess. However, when he applied for a new job in Phoenix, the police nabbed him, which wasn’t too much of a surprise since he applied to work at a police station.

A man believed to have stolen $5,000 from a bank is behind bars after he tried to apply for a job with a police department in Arizona.

Alberto Saavedra Lopez, 32, was arrested last week for felony theft after he arrived at the Cottonwood Police Department for a job interview to become a dispatcher, FOX10 Phoenix.

Police said in a statement that Lopez allegedly stole the money at a Bank of America in Cottonwood between July and September of 2016. It was reported in Oct. 2016. [Source: Fox News]

I’m not a master criminal, but I’m sure there is an unspoken rule about not going to police stations. They say a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime, but this time, he practically turned himself in!

You would think that Lopez isn’t a stupid man. He had a job at a bank, after all. They don’t give those out to dummies. However, how much of a numbskull do you have to be to rob a bank — then apply for a job at a police department?

Did he really think they would never track him down? Did Lopez assume the cops had just given up? It seems pretty odd that this man was so inept that he didn’t think the cops would look into his background.

Hey, Lopez, there are these things called background checks. Many employers use them to make sure you’re not a wanted criminal. Police departments? Yeah, they use them. A lot.

Police said Lopez moved to Phoenix after the theft was reported and kept missing appointments with investigators. An arrest warrant was issued, but Lopez avoided police detection for more than a year.

In December, Lopez applied for a dispatch position at the Cottonwood Police Department.

The arrest warrant came to light during a background check.

Officers scheduled an interview at the police station on Jan. 4 and, when Lopez arrived, he was arrested.

As for the dispatch job, police said Lopez is “out of the running.” [Source: Fox News]

I mean, the last place a wanted bank robber should go is a police department. It’s almost hard to believe that he would willingly do that. Was he that stupid or just incredibly arrogant? “They’d never finger me for that bank job!”

Perhaps this is telltale of the attitude of criminals, these days. Anti-cop propaganda is spread across TV, movies, and the Internet. People are beginning to think all cops are corrupt, lax, or bad at their jobs. Newsflash crooks: Police are very good at their jobs. They have the ever-advancing technology to track you down — especially if you waltz into a police station willingly!

Moral of the story: Don’t rob banks, kids. And, don’t expect you’ll get away with it.