Couple Crushed In Mangled Car, Then She Sees Who’s Smiling At Her Window

Arika Stovall was in the passenger seat of her boyfriend Hunter’s truck when the two flew down the road and into a pole while going 85 miles per hour. When she opened her eyes, she saw Hunter’s head had gone through the windshield. His face covered in blood, and his body was motionless. That’s when she glanced out the window, straight ahead, and saw someone smiling at her, but even more shocking is what would be found at the scene of the crash later.

Arika Stovall with her boyfriend Hunter

The once formidable truck was now reduced to a heap of scrap metal with Arika trapped inside, but miraculously, she was still alive. She couldn’t believe she was able to open her eyes, as just three seconds before, she was sure that they were sliding to their death. Hunter’s truck had drifted off the road, and they only had just three seconds to try to save their lives or accept their fate.

In a Facebook post written by Arika about what happened that day, she said that God took the wheel, helping Hunter guide their ride directly into the center of the pillar so it went between the two of them and spared their lives. With her trapped and Hunter unresponsive, she couldn’t believe what she witnessed next.

Nobody was around to see that they had plunged into the pole and were desperate for help, then she looked out the truck window and saw “him,” and she knew exactly who he was.

Couple Crushed In Mangled Car When She Sees Who's Smiling At Her Window
Hunter and Arika in the hospital

“There was a man, bright with a big white beard. No other cars in sight, just this man,” Arika recalled in her post. “He was my guardian angel.” She added that she doesn’t know if she was in an unconscious dream state, hallucinating, or if it was an actual glimpse of heaven, but considering the recovery that both she and Hunter made 48 hours later, and what was found in the rubble, the beaming man had to have been sent from God to ensure His plan for these two.

Despite the truck being unrecognizable, the couple had not a single broken bone or internal injury. The extent of what they suffered was nothing more than bumps and bruises. They recovered for just two days in the hospital together, before being released to go home, but they first stopped back at the place where they almost died.

Couple Crushed In Mangled Car When She Sees Who's Smiling At Her Window
Hunter and Arika at the wreckage after

Standing next to the heap of metal that Arika said should have “chopped their bodies in half,” they discovered the only thing besides themselves that survived the ordeal. Hunter’s Bible was left lying there open to a scripture that spoke to the moment of impact and God’s presence there, saying to not be afraid, Jesus was with them.

“I am amazed. Absolutely taken away by the presence of God, so blessed for him sending me an angel, so thankful for Hunter and his second chance at life, for his healing and health,” Arika said before closing with a prayer for all those who read her incredible story. Her message for them was to accept that God’s plan for each of us is unwavering and that nothing in this physical world can derail what he has already determined for us — and this couple’s incredible experience is proof of that.

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