Cruz Crushes Democrats: ‘This Wasn’t Jason Borne, This Was Beavis & Butthead!’

Senator Ted Cruz crushed the Democrats and their deep state allies at today’s IG report hearing when he leveled a shocking accusation. “This wasn’t Jason Borne, this was Beavis and Butthead,” Cruz declared about Barack Obama’s deep state thugs. But that’s not all. Don’t miss how the Texas Senator caused the Democrats and the mainstream media to really freak out. You’ll love this.

Senator Ted Cruz, IG Micheal Horowitz (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The big argument on Capitol Hill today over the IG report has Democrats refusing to acknowledge Donald Trump was illegally spied on. Inspector General Micheal Horowitz, a swap creature, isn’t helping.

Horowitz is playing a game of semantics.

His report uses the term “surveilling” when it means “spying.” It really means the same thing. Honest people see the game he is playing, and the Democrats are playing right along. In fact, Democrats like Dianne Feinstein, Amy Klobuchar, and Tricky Dick Blumenthal hone in on Horowitz’s wordplay by making the false allegations that no one “spied on Trump.”

That brings us to Senator Ted Cruz, who decided to blow up the Democrats and Horowitz’s game.

After Cruz made Horowitz admit that “surveillance” was the same thing as “spying,” the Texas Senator excoriated the Inspector General, Obama’s deep state thugs, and their Democrat cohorts.

“I can tell you from my time at the Department of Justice and from my time in law enforcement, any responsible leader when hearing that you’re talking about sending in spies and sending in a wiretap on any presidential nominee should say, ‘What in the hell are we doing?’” declared Cruz.

“And by the way, the people up the chain who are saying ‘We didn’t know,’ if you had responsible leadership there’s no more important decision than you make,” he added.

“I can tell you, when I was at DOJ, if someone said let’s tap Hillary Clinton or let’s tap Bill Clinton or John Kerry, the people there would have said, ‘What in the hell are you talking about?’” he said. “What was going on here, this wasn’t Jason Bourne. This was Beavis and Butt-Head.”

But that’s not all.

As Rep. Mark Meadows points out: “This exchange. Staggering.”

Cruz: “A lawyer at the FBI creates fraudulent evidence, alters an email that is in turn used as the basis for a sworn statement to the court that the court relies on. Am I stating that accurately?”

Horowitz: “That’s correct. That’s what occurred.”

Senator Mike Lee of Utah also blasted arrogant James Comey, who has been running around claiming the IG report “totally exonerates” him.

In Comey’s Washington Post op-ed titled The truth is finally out. The FBI fulfilled its mission, the fired FBI Director claims the IG report disputes claims by President Trump that the FBI targeted his campaign because of political animus. That’s where Senator Lee comes in to teach Comey and his Democrat allies a lesson in truth-telling.

“There is no planet on which I think this report indicates that things were okay within the FBI in connection within this investigation,” Lee said. “And yet stunningly former FBI director Jim Comey took to the pages of the Washington Post to declare that this report, your report, shows that the FBI fulfilled its mission.”

“I don’t understand that. I find it absolutely stunning that he would reach that conclusion. This is nonsense,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Americans on social media celebrated Cruz making it clear Comey and his deep state buddies were indeed spying and were a bunch of knuckleheads. 

“Senator Ted Cruz with line of the day during IG Horowitz’s Senate testimony when referencing the Obama FBI and DOJ spying on Trump campaign staffers Page and Papadopoulos…this wasn’t Jason Bourne, this was Beavis and Butthead!” tweeted Dave Robles.

“Ted Cruz: ‘This wasn’t Jason Bourne. This was Beavis and Butthead.’ I’m dead,” tweeted “NY KAG2020,” along with a photo of James Comey and John Brennan.

“Yeah, this was too good not to post! Ted nailed it on his metaphor! ‘Beavis and Butthead!’ Love it!” tweeted Kathleen B. Griggs.

#TedCruz just established that Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded spies and wiretapping the Trump Campaign. ‘This wasn’t Jason Bourne this was Beavis and Butthead!’ -Ted Cruz,” tweeted “FortyFive.”

We have to admit it was very frustrating watching this hearing today. We expect that the impeachment hearings are hard to watch, however, this IG report hearing raised our blood pressure thanks to Horowitz who played word games and also refused to say the deep state rats were driven by political bias.

Former U.S. Prosecutor Andy McCarthy went nuts over this on Fox News today.

“Political bias is proven in court by the totality of the evidence,” McCarthy said. “It’s like when there is a Jihadist terrorist attack and the evidence is neon blinking and we sit around and say ‘we may never know what the motive was.’ I mean really?” 

Americans with common sense understand Horowitz is playing politics. His report points out total abuse by the deep state FBI actors, and then you get to the end where he fails to acknowledge these rogue actors like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were politically motivated.

Are they just out of their minds?

Horowitz confirmed those working on Crossfire Hurricane were hand-picked and were supposedly the best of the best at the FBI and DOJ. They were at the highest levels. Yet, Horowitz gives us 476 pages of those at the highest levels blatantly taking dubious actions and risking their careers and he fails to tell us why?

The only conclusion is they were out of their minds or they had some type of motivation. Obviously, they had some really big motivation—that’s common sense. And we all know that motivation was to ensure Donald Trump never won the election. After the election, they continued to spy even though Horowitz says they knew they were doing it illegally. They risked their careers and lost. Even though the swamp tries to play word games to hide their crimes, the truth always comes out in the end.

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