Dad Gives 6-Year-Old As Wife To Old Imam, Angry Neighbors Take Care Of Business

Dad Gives 6-Year-Old As Wife To Old Imam, Angry Neighbors Take Care Of Business
A 6-year-old girl (pictured), known only as Gharibgol, was sold by her father to an imam for a goat and miscellaneous food items.

A Muslim father decided to hand over his 6-year-old daughter to his 55-year-old imam in an effort to be in Allah’s good graces. However, as soon as his female neighbors found out what he’d done, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Seyed Abdolkarim, also referred to as Sayed Mohammad Karim, made headlines when the 55-year-old mullah was caught after marrying a 6-year-old girl named Gharibgol in the Ghor province of Afghanistan. Initially, police believed the girl’s father, who said that that the imam kidnapped the child and married her without his consent. Days later, however, the truth has come out that the pathetic father actually sold his own little girl to the pedophile imam for a bag of rice, tea, sugar, oil, and a goat — causing outraged local women to rise up against the depraved men.

The Daily Mail reports that after the authorities managed to remove Gharibgol from the perverse mullah’s home, she was brought to female aid workers who are determined to dissolve the father’s custodial rights and attain a divorce for the innocent child. Of course, that’s not all they’re doing.

Reportedly, after the father attempted to see visit his daughter, several of the local women became enraged and attacked him, hitting and slapping him on and off camera. According to The Observers, before authorities took him away, the women joined forces and beat the shamed father and hurled threatening insults.

Abdolkarim was arrested after he took Gharibgol to a relative’s house in Firozkoh, posing as the girl’s father. However, the relative noticed Abdolkarim’s unusual behavior, including how he was “undressing her at night.” Finally, he told the relative, “No [she’s not my daughter], she’s my wife, her father gave her to me.”

The relative told a friend, who in turn called the local bureau of women’s rights, prompting them to call the authorities. They managed to remove Gharibgol and place her back with her mother.

Abdolkarim excused his marriage to the child, telling authorities that it was alright because he promised not to have sexual intercourse with Gharibgol until she turned 18.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that the little girl will be granted a divorce in Afghanistan. Although the legal age for marriage is 16, imams have the power to perform binding religious marriages of any kind. Because Afghan law is bound by Sharia, a religious decree by an imam can only be undone by another imam. Considering that divorce is shunned in most cases, it will probably never happen unless the story sees enough international condemnation to force religious authorities to act.

Sharia is more revered than any other federal legislation, which is considered “man-made” law unless it is in accordance with Islamic law. This is why imams often get away with lawlessness. After all, what Muslim government worker would want to chance angering Allah by admonishing one of his chosen clerics.

Because Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha when she was only 6, Muslims cannot religiously refute this act as wrong. Because he had consummated his marriage to the child when she turned 9, Muslims cannot even say that having sex with children is sinful. Everything Muhammad did is to be considered holy and is encouraged for all of his followers because he is the Messenger of Allah, the “perfect man.”

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