Dad Blasted By Anti-Gun Trump-Haters As He Found Daughter Dead, Just Got Sweet Revenge

Andrew Pollack was wearing a “Trump 2020” t-shirt, driving around in his truck, and searching for his daughter Meadow right after the shooting at the Florida high school last week. Someone snapped a pic of Pollack, and the Trump-haters lambasted him in the press and on social media as he searched in vain. Meadow had been shot nine times and was dead. Well, Mr. Pollack was just at the White House, where he got sweet revenge on those haters.

Meadow Pollack (left), Andrew Pollack at White House (right) (Photo Credit: Provided by family, YouTube/Screengrab)

While the George Soros funded anti-gun activists headed to the Florida state capitol, trying to upstage an event at the White House, one man, who those haters had blasted, upstaged them all. Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, accepted President Donald Trump’s invitation and attended a “listening session.”

The well-scripted, agenda-driven activists like David Hogg had purposefully shunned the president’s event, causing more division in the aftermath of the horrendous shooting. Finally, at the White House’s “listening event,” we saw real emotion from victims of the shooting, something CNN and MSNBC have failed to achieve by highlighting David Hogg, who has no emotion and only mock outrage, as their media darling.

In that same light, Andrew Pollack had been lambasted over his “Trump 2020 shirt” by these anti-gun haters. Even though his daughter was shot nine times, they felt the need to mock him. The original tweet by Alexandra Seltzer, which read, “Here is Andrew Pollack yesterday showing a photo of his daughter Meadow. At that time he was searching for her. Today he said ‘she’s gone.’ #stonemanshooting,” is what stirred up the haters.

The Trump-haters let Pollack know that wearing that shirt is not ever acceptable to them.”I’m unforgiveable (sic), but it’s a little hard to feel sorry who supported this administration and its racist and its NRA supporting policies. I feel sorry for daughter, but not for him. He probably doesn’t make the connection behind his Party’s policies and what happened to his child,” tweeted Leonard James.

Other people said they felt “empathy” for Meadow Pollack dying, but they turned on the father for voting for President Donald Trump. One user said Andrew Pollack should have “thought twice” before casting his vote during the 2016 election.

“Poor dude, lost his daughter and helped enable it to happen at the same time. He must feel heartbroken AND guilt.  Boneheaded shirt (and presidential) choice,” tweeted Jesse Whiteman.

That’s just a sampling of the many hate-filled tweets. There are so many, we can’t list them all.

Well, Andrew Pollack answered those losers. He was at the White House, and when it came time for him to speak, he blew everyone away. Out of the many people there speaking, every news show used Pollack’s speech as their highlight. Most of the news shows had no idea that he was the guy who had been wearing the Trump 2020 shirt, so it was his words, which were so powerful and emotional, that made him the star of that meeting.

Pollack made it clear that gun laws have nothing to do with keeping kids safe in school. “We as a country failed our children. This shouldn’t happen,” Andrew Pollack told President Trump during the listening session at the White House, The Hill reported.

“It stops here with this administration and me,” he added. “It should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. I’m pissed. Because my daughter, I’m not going to see again. She’s not here. … It’s enough. Let’s get together, work with the president and fix the schools.”

Pollack directly addressed the president, saying, “Mr. President, we’re going to fix it.” Pollack continued, “It’s school safety. It’s not about gun laws right now. That’s another fight, another battle. Let’s fix the schools, and then you guys can battle it out, whatever. It’s about keeping our kids safe.”

This flies in the face of the well-organized, anti-gun groups that immediately had David Hogg and a few other students talking like seasoned activists about gun regulation and blaming President Trump. Every time they talk, it rings untrue. It seemed they were being fed lines that they just repeat like trained dogs.

Pollack brought out real emotion in people because he is telling the truth and he is speaking from his heart. I bet the liberal losers are going to go nuts when they realize that the guy who made the biggest impression out of all the victims of the Florida shooting is the guy who was wearing the Trump 2020 shirt — not their paid shills or the delusional, disrespectful brats led by David Hogg.

Sure enough, it was Andrew Pollack who got people’s attention, even though the media had made every attempt to make the anti-gun crowd that gathered in Tallahassee the story of the day. Those busloads of kids, who were rapidly deployed to the Florida capital with David Hogg with the organizational precision that should take months to plan, were still getting airtime, but people are catching on — that’s no grassroots movement by teens, that’s big money donors.

Mr. Pollack did not have any intention or expectation that he would speak or be on camera. Like the real things in life that are worthwhile, it just happened, thanks to God. It’s something the leftist anti-gun Trump-haters will never be able to duplicate, people connecting to the heartfelt truth. That disconnect is what happens when your message is lies and your messengers are liars — people know the sincere truth when they hear it.

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