Dad Comes Home To Crying Baby, Grabs A Dirty Rag & Walks Toward His Wife…

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A Tennessee father (right) has been arrested after coming home from work in the early morning hours of February 16 and finding his infant son crying (stock image, left).

A Tennessee father has been arrested for what he did after returning from work in the early hours of the morning on February 16. Upon returning home to hear his 3-month-old baby crying, Cornelio A. Hunt grabbed a dirty old rag, walked towards his wife, and proceeded to make her worst nightmare unfold.

The infant had been at home in the care of his mother, Jennilyn Hunt, when he apparently woke in the night, as babies regularly do, and began crying. That’s when 46-year-old Cornelio happened to return from work between the hours of 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. He immediately became irate over the fact that the baby was awake and crying.

Without a moment of hesitation, Hunt allegedly walked right over to the crying baby and started hitting his legs. Hunt then allegedly put a rag in the baby’s mouth and put tape over the rag to secure it, according to his wife. [Source: Mommy Page]

Jennilyn tried desperately to intervene, pleading with her husband to allow her to take their child into another room to calm him down. Unfortunately, her cries for mercy fell on deaf ears, and Cornelio threatened to “whip her like he was whipping the baby” if she tried to stop the assault. He proceeded to pick up his son by the ankles and walk around the house with him.

Eventually, the horrified mother found an opportunity to leave the home safely with her child, whom she took to Tennova Healthcare. The 3-month-old was then sent to Our Kids for an exam.

Cornelio Hunt was subsequently arrested by Clarksville Police on February 17 and booked into the Montgomery County Jail on $105,000 bond, according to The Leaf-Chronicle.

Jennilyn was commended on social media for doing the right thing by those who have heard her story. “Can i just say good job by the mom? At least she did something instead of allowing him to hurt her child and making excuses for him like we see too often nowadays. If you’re reading this, stay strong!! You can do this,” one woman commented.

“Poor baby. I pray he didn’t suffer any injuries. I’m proud of his wife for turning him in and getting out of there! I would never trust him again around my son if I were her,” another added. Yet another person wrote, “I hope the mother keeps this baby away from its father! I don’t care if he was having a bad day or any other excuse someone might come up with! Some people shouldn’t be blessed with children!!! That poor baby…”

Thankfully, Jennilyn Hunt sought help for her infant before it was too late, and from the sounds of the horrific abuse, she most likely saved his life by doing so. Too often, we hear stories of mothers choosing their abusive significant other over the safety of their own children, but this is not one of those cases.

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