Dad Catches Migrant Groping Daughter, Cops Charge HIM After What He Did To Groper

After a protective father caught a migrant molesting his precious daughter, police criminally charged the dad when they saw what he had done to his child’s attacker.

Dad Catches Migrant Groping Daughter, Cops Charge HIM After Seeing What He Did To Groper
Despite the fact that a father protected his daughter from being sexually assaulted, police have charged him after seeing what he did to the girl’s migrant molester. (Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

In the name of progress and tolerance, European leftists flung open their doors to unfettered immigration. Expectedly, admitting millions of migrants based on diversity rather than meritocracy has allowed oppressive and violent cultures to breed aggression and intolerance in the West.

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Predictably, importing hordes of immigrants who adhere to draconian morals and customs didn’t miraculously convince them to accept our values and laws. On the contrary, this steadily growing minority is not only imposing brutality, but they’re also finding complicity with European authorities.

On October 2, an intoxicated 28-year-old Eritrean attacked a 21-year-old woman at Germany’s Munich Hackerbrücke station. Seeing that the attractive young woman was wearing a short skirt, the asylum seeker seized the opportunity to reach up her dress and grab her buttocks. Subsequently, the migrant groped the young woman so aggressively that he caused a laceration, prompting her to cry out for help. Unfortunately for him, his vulnerable victim’s protective father was nearby.

German online newspaper reports that, once the girl’s father realized that the Eritrean migrant was molesting his daughter, he flew into a righteous rage, punching the sexual deviant in the face and forcing him to relent. Although any decent human being would agree that individuals have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones from sexual attacks, German authorities are apparently more concerned with protecting the untouchable migrant class.

Despite the fact that he was protecting his daughter from being sexually assaulted by the migrant, the Federal Police in Munich has charged the 42-year-old father with one count of assault causing bodily harm, Voice of Europe reports. When questioned by the media as to the reason for such a charge, a spokesperson defended the decision, explaining that both the migrant molester and the protective patriarch are considered criminals.

“It is up to the judiciary to assess the case. There is a suspicion that there were two crimes, one sexual harassment and the other a physical injury. The police are required by law to bring both,” spokeswoman Petra Wiedmann of the Munich police says.

Even more disturbing is how the police answered the question as to how one should react if their daughter is being sexually assaulted. According to Wiedmann, other options must be pursued instead of physical force. Outrageously, the police spokeswoman suggested seeking out a security official for help instead of physically defending oneself or another victim.

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Although Wiedmann assured that one officer is supposedly positioned at the station roughly every 16 feet, every second is crucial in the case of a crime. It’s incredibly risky to take the time to find an officer and direct them to an assailant in the event of an attack, especially if someone closer is willing to immediately defend the victim.

Still, the Federal Police in Munich maintains that no amount of physical force should have been used against the migrant groper, at least not by the young woman’s father. However, many have expressed their disbelief and outrage at the authorities’ decision to charge the dad, insisting that he acted in defense of his vulnerable daughter.

The migrant has since been arrested and charged with sexual assault. However, his investigation has been largely overshadowed by the criminal allegation against the victim’s father, as most have expressed their disagreement with the charge on social media.

The incident also begs the question of how the police would have handled the event if the young woman had physically defended herself from her attacker. If she used fought back against the migrant pervert, would she likewise be charged with assault and, if so, how would the police justify such an absurd reaction?

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Thanks to German leftists’ willingness to flood their nation with immigrants from nations that perpetuate brutality and oppression, they are subsequently suffering from the same brutality and oppression. These progressives insinuated that offering tolerance to the world’s aggressive and violent cultures would instantly persuade them to live in harmony with their Western hosts. Of course, logic and history tell us a different story.

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