Leftist Melt Down Over What Dalai Lama Suggested They Do With Muslim Refugees

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During a press conference, the Dalai Lama gave a politically-incorrect answer to solving the migrant crisis — and now leftists are losing their minds.

Leftist Melt Down Over What Dalai Lama Just Suggested They Do With Muslim Refugees
The Dalai Lama (left) has sparked criticism from the left for his most recent comments about how to solve the migrant crisis in Europe. (Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube, FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty Images)

Thanks to decades of liberal political influence, the West has adopted a post-modernist approach to borders, immigration, and multiculturalism. In just a few short years, these policies have proven catastrophic for Western democracy, values, and freedoms, showcasing that even the greatest civilization in history will crumble if tyrannical systems are allowed to fester.

Veiled by the guise of compassion and tolerance, the left condemns anyone who dares denounce the concept of open borders as xenophobic, bigoted, and racist, effectively shutting down all conversation regarding mass migration. Unfortunately for them, not every global virtuoso has fallen under the boot of their progressive ideology. In fact, one of the most influential moral authorities on earth has come forward to not only discredit their dogma but also offer a genius solution to one of the 21st centuries biggest international problems.

Breitbart reports that during a press conference in Sweden, the Dalai Lama shocked liberal listeners when he announced that the way to solve the West’s migrant crisis is to force them to “return to their homelands and rebuild them,” adding that Europe belongs to the Europeans.

“I think Europe belongs to the Europeans,” he added, stressing that countries like Germany and Sweden should make clear that refugees must “return to their homelands and rebuild them.”

While addressing a crowd in Malmö, a European hub of multiculturalism, the Dalai Lama abandoned political correctness to plead with Westerners not to allow their exceptional culture to be overtaken by the asylum seekers they’ve welcomed, according to the Daily Mail. He explained that although he feels that European nations are “morally responsible” for helping “a refugee really facing danger against their life,” even actual refugees should only stay in Europe temporarily before returning to their home country.

The 83-year-old Tibetan, who fled the capital Lhasa in fear of his life after China poured troops into the region to crush an uprising said, “Receive them, help them, educate them… but ultimately they should develop their own country.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Dalai Lama has given a warning to Europe that it must preserve its culture. He pointed to Germany as a harbinger of how mass Muslim migration can rapidly transform a nation in only a short amount of time.

Speaking to German reporters in 2016 he said, “Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country. Germany is Germany. There are so many that in practice it becomes difficult. From a moral point of view, too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily.”

The Dalai Lama reiterated that even though compassion is a commendable characteristic, especially in countries which are economically and socially sound, it is not necessarily a virtue and can be manipulated for nefarious purposes by those with evil intentions.

“When we look into the face of every single refugee, especially the children and women, we can feel their suffering,” he said. “The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.”

These wise words of advice aren’t spewing from the mouth of a heartless elitist. In fact, the Dalai Lama was himself a refugee, having been exiled from China in 1959. After the Chinese communist troops overtook Tibet, he fled to India and sought asylum, which the government granted. Unlike many of the migrants flooding into Europe today, the Dalai Lama didn’t bypass multiple safe countries for Europe’s lavish welfare benefits.

Nearly all of Europe’s refugees and migrants are from Islamic countries and have purposefully bypassed multiple safe nations in order to obtain the continent’s economic benefits. In fact, a large majority of asylum seekers are Muslim men, not women and children as the left claims.

European countries have the right and responsibility to preserve their exceptional culture, freedoms, and values, which have undeniably made them into the nations sought after by demographics around the world. If Europe doesn’t heed the Dalai Lama’s advice, they will undoubtedly end up mirroring the dozens of countries that were once multicultural havens before the invasion of Islamic migrants.

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