Dancing Girl Accosts Elderly Man On Supreme Court Steps, Doesn’t End Well For Her

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Hundreds of demonstrators stormed the Capitol this weekend to protest the confirmation of newly-minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. One of the unhinged liberal protesters began wildly dancing in front of an elderly man who had shown up in support of Kavanaugh and ultimately accosted him. But the stunt didn’t end well for her.

A girl in jean shorts dances around an elderly man who is peacefully protesting in front of the Supreme Court. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/James Woods/Twitter)

As protesters gathered to denounce the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday, one liberal woman, in particular, began to garner a great deal of attention for her behavior. The girl was filmed dancing wildly in the face of a peaceful old man who had come out with homemade signs reading: “She is a good liar” and “Arm teachers, protect kids.”

The woman, who was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a black tank top, tried relentlessly to get a rise out of the elderly man, but to no avail. When she could not intimidate him by hopping around and clapping in his face, she resorted to slapping his signs.

A video of a girl in jeans shorts dancing around an elderly man who is peacefully protesting in front of the Supreme Court went viral over the weekend.

The video was shot during protests in front of the high court after the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and shows the girl trying to knock two signs out of the man’s hands. The signs read “She is a good liar” and “Arm teachers, protect kids.” During the brief video, the girl is also shouting “Hey hey, ho ho, Kavanaugh has got to go!” in his face. [Source: The Daily Wire]

Footage of the incident went viral after conservative actor James Woods posted the video on Twitter, writing, “You’ll be seeing this hopping sausage lover in every campaign ad this month…”

Needless to say, social media users were appalled by the female protester’s antics. “Wouldn’t that be considered assault and obstruction of the first amendment? Reverse the tables there would headlines about the racist violent right!” tweeted Mark Cox.

“It’s a shame no one respects elders anymore. In a functional democracy, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if you don’t like that, just vote,” echoed another Twitter user. “There is no need for violence and verbal abuse.”

“The day is coming when we the people are going to have enough of that crap. I suggest law enforcement step in now,” wrote Thomas Newman.

And that’s precisely what happened. In a photo posted by Ruptly, the dancing girl who accosted the elderly man is seen being led away from the protest, her hands zip-tied behind her back. It is unclear whether she was ultimately arrested or simply removed from the steps of the Supreme Court, but according to the Capitol Police, 164 people were arrested on Saturday.

Twitter users were glad to see that the protester had been dealt with. “Well deserved! Didn’t she ever learn about respect. There was absolutely no reason for her to do that to that elderly gentleman, he was peacefully protesting. Sad!” wrote Sheila Cuadros.

Some people just have to learn the hard way.

Ironically, the Democrats love to champion themselves the party of “tolerance” and “acceptance,” yet as soon as you espouse a political opinion contrary to their own, they lose their ever-loving minds. Case in point: The young liberal protester who accosted an elderly man simply because he stood in support of Brett Kavanaugh.

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