‘Little Hitler’ David Hogg Cries After Armed Patriots Gave Him Ultimate Smackdown

David Hogg is back, and he is so excited to introduce his new “gun control platform.” When law-abiding armed patriots got a gander at his proposal, it was like going back to Germany in 1938. Hogg’s plan reads like something Adolf Hitler endorsed, and immediately those same armed patriots delivered the ultimate smackdown making “little Hitler” cry like a baby.

David Hogg (left & right) (Photo Credit: Rolando Otero/Sun Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images, Alyson Kelly/Twitter)

It’s important to point out that David Hogg is an adult. Yep, Hogg turned 18 last month, making him fair game as he continues to promote his political agenda. If he wants to play in the big leagues, then he better get used to taking his defeats like a man, especially since he is hellbent on using his notoriety to affect our Second Amendment.

In a tweet, Hogg rolled out his 5-point platform. He posted, “Comment why you do or don’t support our 5 point platform below I want to try responding to as many people as I can. 1. CDC funding for research into gun violance, 2. Universal Background checks, 3. Digitization of ATF records, 4. High-Capacity magazine ban, 5. Assault weapons ban.”

First, notice he says “our 5 point platform.” Who do you think he is referring to? We have said all along that Hogg is a tool for the radical leftists who want total gun confiscation. Secondly, he’s graduating from high school in a few weeks, so why are his parents allowing him to be up so early in the morning acting like a professional lobbyist?

He may be an adult in years, but he clearly is not an adult when it comes to maturity or to understand what he is talking about when it comes to the Second Amendment. Twitchy reported, “It takes a crapload of self-delusion to think that a platform based on ignorance can solve a problem like gun violence. But self-delusion is Hogg’s M.O.”

They then went on to show a response by “Covefefe Deplorable” to Hogg’s deluded platform, reporting, “Case in point: ‘DaveyBoy, Research how Hitler came to power… YOU are on the wrong side of history.'”

Notice “little Hitler” Hogg’s response, “I’m not trying to take guns I’m trying to save lives.” Who is he kidding? So, this 18-year-old whose only claim to fame is riding his bike to school with his trusty camera when he heard there was a shooting thinks that qualifies him to end gun violence in America?

His only answer is taking away guns, which we all know does not work. In fact, that is what Hitler did just before he turned Germany into his personal dictatorship.

“Deplorable Covfefe” answered Hogg’s lie, tweeting, “A gun saved my life.. otherwise I wouldnt be here today. Only criminals & psychotic people use guns to harm. Guns are the first line of defense for law abiding citizens. I hope no one in ur family is ever threatened w/a gun in their face & all they have is their hands 4 defense.”

That answer set Hoggmania off into a tantrum as he tries to defend his bald-faced lie. He tweets, “No my father owns guns to protect my family. For the billionth time we are not trying to take people’s guns.”

Well, law-abiding armed patriots caught David’s lies, and they gave him the ultimate smackdown. “Misc Stuff” tweeted, “You just posted a tweet about banning ‘assault weapons’ which basically means every semi out there and now you are trying to claim you dont want to take people guns. Your contradicting yourself.”

Patriots also picked up on the “we” that Hogg uses when he talks about his ridiculous gun confiscation plans. Seth Levy tweeted, “Who is we? Because many of those around you and supporting you absolutely do.”

Hogg refused to answer who is really pulling his strings behind the scenes and continued to cry that he “really isn’t trying to take our guns.” Twitter user “Kevin Conservador” came back at Hogg with a picture of a gun rights activists holding a sign which says, “Ok, we will pry it from your cold dead hands.”

Finally, people pointed out his cohort, Emma Gonzalez’s Twitter feed is full of gun confiscation tweets. “Christian Rock” tweeted, “Then why is Emma Gonzalez saying she wants to ban all semi-autos?”

This was too much for “little Hitler” David Hogg. He couldn’t keep up with the backlash and smackdowns. He felt attacked and was whining like a baby about the National Rifle Association, not making any sense. It really was pathetic.

Remember his ban on Fox host Laura Ingraham? Well, poor David Hogg lost that one big time. Her show is number one for her time slot, proving he really isn’t as important as he thinks he is. As time goes on, whoever is funding him will stop. For now, he got a proper spanking by gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment, and since he’s all grown-up, he really should stop crying like a darn baby.

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