David Hogg’s Sick Secret Exposed After What Cameras Caught Him Doing Near FL School

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With the left parading Florida shooting survivor David Hogg around as a political prop, there are a few things he likely didn’t want getting out. In fact, his dirty little secret was just exposed after what cameras caught him doing near the same school where 17 people died — and it’s raising questions.

David Hogg's Sick Secret Comes Out After What Cameras Caught Him Doing Near FL School
David Hogg (left), appearing in a CNN interview (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/Twitter)

Liberals seem to have a good thing going right now. Most recently recruiting children in their fight for gun control, their newest tactic has quite a few advantages. For one, the kids they’ve been using for political purposes were survivors of a mass shooting, meaning that they have a heavy emotional influence, but it goes much deeper than that.

Obviously, kids have just as much right to the First Amendment as the rest of us, but the left has lifted them up, pretending that their opinions are more important than any others. The fact that liberals are acting as though these kids are above reproach is perhaps their strongest tool right now.

I mean, who wants to bash a kid who just survived the worst thing imaginable? What these kids saw was horrific. No one should ever be exposed to that. Sadly, the left is abusing this reality and saying that we should now trust the same kids — who, just last month, they were lambasting for eating Tide Pods — when it comes to gun control policy.

Perhaps the most well known of these child activists right now is David Hogg. We’ve seen him on several liberal networks to talk about gun control, and the left has been protecting him, making sure that he’s never faced with someone willing to point out the flaws in his argument — but that’s not all they don’t want out.

In fact, David Hogg’s sick secret was just exposed after what cameras caught him doing outside of the school during the days following the Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. As it turns out, Hogg should have memorized his lines a little better as his story drastically changed throughout his many televised interviews.

Clearly seen in a montage clip, David Hogg couldn’t decide if his sister had lost 2, 3, or 4 friends during the attack. In fact, he was heard claiming that his sister had lost all three numbers:

In the beginning of the video (Feb. 17), Hogg says during a speech his sister lost four friends.

“Sadly, my sister lost four of her friends…”

In the next clip (Feb. 15), he says his sister lost two friends.

“However, my sister – who’s a freshman here – she had two of her, like, best friends die.”

In yet another clip (Feb. 16), Hogg says his sister actually lost three friends.

“The amount of deaths I’ve had to deal with, with my sister having three of her best friends die.”

In the final clip (Feb. 15), Hogg says his sister lost two friends.

“And then, my sister – she’s a freshman – and she had two of her best friends die.” [Source: Infowars]

In another clip, David Hogg was heard claiming that his sister had lost three friends, but this one is a little more shocking. After Hogg used a cuss word, a voice from behind the camera could be heard coaching the teen, telling him “no cursing,” before he repeats the line, this time, profanity-free.

Of course, then you have the original clip that Mad World News previously shared. In what looks like raw footage set to be edited at a later time, Hogg could be seen repeating the same lines over and over again trying to get them perfect. With the footage clearly meant for dramatic effect, someone there could also be heard coaching him as well:

In the end, David Hogg has just as much right to be heard as anyone else here in America. However, what he doesn’t have the right to do — and what the liberal media doesn’t have the right to do — is lie to the American people in hopes of influencing a policy change.

Furthermore, he has no right to be shielded from criticism when things just don’t add up. Something is majorly off with this kid, and these videos raise concerning questions as to whether or not anyone should be taking him seriously — if they ever did.