David Hogg Demands Congress Carry Clear Backpacks, Gun Owners Make Him Cry

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David Hogg decided to demand Congress carry “clear backpacks” since that is what he is required to do on school grounds per the Broward County Sheriff. Being snarky, he suggested “isn’t Congress unsafe,” which caused gun owners to trash “little Hitler” Hogg so bad that they made him cry.

David Hogg (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Hoggmania is coming to a slow stop as people become sick and tired of the 18-year-old Parkland anti-gun teen whose only claim to fame was riding his bike with his trusty camera feverishly to a school shooting.

In his desperation to stop his failing celebrity status, Hogg is posting some ridiculous tweets and making the case for the Second Amendment. In fact, Hogg reminds us of a mini Jim Acosta, the CNN reporter always whining at White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Twitchy reported, “When people tell you there are no stupid questions, they’re wrong. Trust us. There are PLENTY of stupid questions. Like this one [posted by Hogg].”

Hogg tweeted, “Why doesn’t congress have clear backpacks???? Aren’t they unsafe???”

Well, you see the problem with this thinking. His idiocy caused patriots and gun owners to completely trash him. “The Irreverent” responded with, “Because their security detail ran to the sound of gunfire. Unlike @browardsheriff.”

Ouch, that had to hurt. Of course, they are referring to the U.S. Capitol Police who were at the GOP baseball practice when gunfire erupted in June 2017. Those brave men and women did their job which is what 99.9% of law enforcement professionals do each day. It was the screwed up Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and his hand-picked team of political hacks that ran away that day.

The Chicago Tribune reported, “[Steve] Scalise and other congressional Republicans were practicing for their annual charity baseball game against Democrats when the gunman started shooting. U.S. Capitol Police and other officers returned fire and killed Hodgkinson, an unemployed home inspector with a deep animus toward President Donald Trump and other Republicans.”

Doesn’t “little Hitler” Hogg ever wonder what the outcome would have been if Sheriff Israel’s cops would have done their job?

But Hogg was still confident in his snarky suggestion, not understanding the myriad of issues that he just opened up with that tweet.  Ron Jeffries asked the anti-gun nutjob, “Don’t like having your rights taken away do ya, hoggwash?”

Exactly. It seems like “little Hitler” doesn’t like being told what he must do, like carry a clear backpack. He wants his “rights.” Oh, but that doesn’t mesh with his gun confiscation agenda, does it?

By this time, poor David was getting so hammered by the law-abiding gun owners, his lack of response was out of character for him. It was time for his schoolmate Kyle Kashuv, the conservative kid who didn’t fit with CNN’s agenda, to give Hogg a reply.

Kashuv tweeted, “The same reason teachers in our school don’t get checked.” Which proves the point that clear backpacks don’t make anyone “safer.” It’s clearly a stupid attempt by the anti-gun Sheriff Israel to pretend like he is making the kids safer at school.

Hogg is too stupid to realize that clear backpacks or “clear anythings” aren’t going to deter a crazed gunman. The only chance you have is a good guy with a gun to come to your rescue. Or get trained yourself and get a conceal and carry permit.

This is the exact point made by “2nd Amendment Sasquatch” which clearly made Hogg-wash cry. “They [Congress] are protected by good guys with guns,” he tweeted, cementing why we have the Second Amendment, in the first place. This isn’t rocket science.

David Hogg is too proud to take down the tweet. He knows he would be bombarded with patriots responding to his “error,” so instead he went off and screamed about banning bump stocks, tweeting, “Help us ban bumpstocks! Comment! #BanBumpStocks.”

Yeah, nice try on the misdirect by “little Hitler,” but bump stocks, really? Twitchy added, “Oh, David. We realize you are feeling your 15 minutes slowly fading away but c’mon, you had to know this wouldn’t go very well for you.”

No, it did not go well at all leaving the anti-gun baby thinking about all those times his idol CNN’s Jim Acosta gets his butt whopped by Sarah Sanders. Hogg once again makes an utter fool of himself, all in the course of saving his dimming limelight.

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