David Hogg Caught In Election Fraud Scheme, Goes Into Utter Meltdown Mode

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David Hogg, the self-professed anti-gun genius, has been caught red-handed promoting an election fraud scheme. Recently, Hogg announced that he would be taking a “gap year” putting off college “to work on the midterm elections and help educate new voters.” Well, it seems that educating new voters includes showing them how to engage in election fraud. Now, Hogg’s in a public meltdown as he sees his fame and glory get flushed down the drain.

David Hogg (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

We recently reported on David Hogg’s big announcement that he was forgoing college to work on the mid-term elections. Mad World News reported, “David Hogg’s fame is fading, and he can’t stand it. Neither can CNN who created the anti-gun monster and now they are backing his plan to skip college so he can ‘focus on the mid-term elections.’ Now, you may be thinking what does Hogg have to do with the mid-term elections?”

We chalked it up to one big joke, but now we know that Hogg is taking his vow seriously, so serious is he that he just exposed himself backing election fraud. Thanks to a savvy Twitter user who screen captured Hogg retweeting instructions by the George Soros funded-group called HeadCount. It pretty much sounds an awful lot like a list of where election fraud is very easily done.

Hogg retweeted this HeadCount post: “Thanks for raising awareness! New Hampshire and Wymoning [sic] actually allow same day registration on Election Day, so it’s easy to vote there, and North Dakota doesn’t require you to register, you can just show up and vote with ID.”

Hogg also retweeted a series of HeadCount tweets giving his followers the low down on other states they could go without ID and “just show up and vote.” Why would anyone need to know that specific information unless they were planning something sinister? People should be instructed to go to their state website, these details have “voter fraud can be done in these states” pretty darn easily written all over it.

“David Hogg and his snowflake squats are planning election fraud,” tweeted “Sasmenot,” who got the screenshots of Hogg retweeting this info in case he takes it down.

“Translation: Voter fraud is really easy at these places. Lol. We’re watching you,” another person tweeted. This is no joke and now Hogg seems to be in meltdown mode.

Add this to Hogg’s fading fame, and it’s causing the perfect storm. It’s safe to say that Hoggmania is over, and now that he is being ignored, he had a temper tantrum. Mad World News’ Carmine Sabia reported, “What Hogg and the Parkland kids are starting to find out, even if they have not realized it themselves, is that their relevance is close to nonexistent now.”

Sabia adds, “And the tweetstorm from the teenage activists are the desperate grasps of a group that is feeling its grip on the American consciousness fading quickly. We all warned him it would happen, but it is still hilarious to watch.”

What he is referring to are a series of tweets Hogg tried to get trending. Hogg is tweeting during school hours obsessively, like every 10 minutes in this failed attempt to the make the media cover a school walkout in response to a shooting that happened in the projects just outside Miami.

“A volley of gunfire killed two teens and wounded two other people at a public housing complex in Miami’s Liberty City community, police said. Miami police Monday identified the two people fatally shot as Rickey Dixon, 18 and Kimson Green, 17,” reports the Sun Sentinel.

Hogg’s tantrum went into overdrive when he ended up exploding at the local media as if they are hanging on his every tweet. “Y’all shouldn’t be covering them from the air – actually talk to them & hear what they have to say. #northwesternwalkout,” tweeted Hogg.

Any shooting is tragic, but a shooting inside the ghetto at a housing project actually is a reason to have armed citizens, not take away law-abiding citizens’ guns. “A staggering 82 percent of African-American gun deaths are homicides, and gun deaths are lowest in the population that owns the most guns, according to a 2015 Brookings Institution study,” reports the National Review.

So Hogg’s tantrum that he failed to manipulate the media is a sign that people are waking up. Even CNN, who created Hoggmania isn’t calling him anymore. He’s starting to unravel publicly on Twitter, and it’s so bad that the only celebrity he could muster to pay attention to him was the whacky group called Pussy Riot. They are a despicable low-life Russian Femi-Nazi group based in Moscow. Maybe Hogg should be investigated for colluding with Russians.

From the halls of CNN to Pussy Riot, to retweeting how to get away with election fraud, Hoggmania’s meltdown continues. I won’t be shocked if he is caught busing in groups of dimwits into those states where no ID and same-day registration happens. Somehow, I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard the last of the self-professed anti-gun genius named David Hogg.

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